Style and Soul Spotted: SMART X HTC launch

4:10 PM

Smart threw one of the biggest parties this month to celebrate its partnership with a mobile phone company HTC and presented the fruit of their collaboration - the newest "it" smartphones (android phones exclusively distributed by Smart).

Opus, located in Resorts World Manila was jam-packed with bloggers of all kinds, local celebrities and well-known personalities. I was seriously surprised how many guests went. Funny, I'm really not a Smart subscriber and have been with Globe for most of my [cellphone using] life. I came to see my blogger friends whom I haven't seen for a while and of course, got curious about what Smart has come up with.

[L-R, Up-Down] 1) Reg & Aivan, Paul and boyfie, Aisa & Michelle Madrigal, Bloggers United girls Aisa & Ana G.

Outfits: Reg & Aisa

The party was really bongga! Bongga in such a way that they had an organized program flow [Smart executives speech, toast, AVP presentations, mini fashion show, intermission numbers etc.] hosted by the gorgeous Sarah Meier-Albano with DJ Slick of Magic 89.9 on the side interviewing the people on the floor.

I tweeted that it was a brilliantly organized event because of the overwhelming attendance of guests including various personalities and press (media) people. Props to the organizers for that. Later, I found out that there's a catch. Most of the personalities (esp the celebrities) all got free SMART X HTC phones and that's what they were using to tweet and post on their FB walls during the event. A couple of bloggers were lucky enough to get a hold of those too like Reg of Heyrocketgirl, Ms. Earth of Earthlingorgeous and Krissy of Krissyfied. Sana kami rin diba. Hahaha!

Check out some photos from Liz of Project Vanity (click here and here) to see some of the celebrities showered with smartphones.

Meanwhile, I enjoyed the food (sarap!) and as usual, taking photos.

Oh Sarah. You are a goddess! Wearing huge & looong feather earrings!

Amber singing some of the most requested songs of today.

Asking celebrities to have their photos taken can be quite intimidating. I don't know why. Maybe because I'm not part of their circle. Sino ba ako? Haha! I'm not even part of any publication or network so for me, it was difficult to say, "Hi, I'm Melai. I'm a blogger. Can I take your photo?" Nahiya ako but I managed to score some photos. Madami sila pero ilan lang nilapitan ko. Haha!

Bubbles Paraiso and Ehra Madrigal

Michelle Madrigal

The Smiths + Cogie Domingo (a.k.a crush ni Reg nung grade school siya haha)

Bianca King & Queenie Smith (wow king and queen, haha)

If you want me to say something about the SMART x HTC phones, well I can't because I haven't tested it. The press kit basically contains information you can already read on the Smart & HTC websites respectively. If you want a review, I recommend you read Jayvee Fernandez's HTC Chacha: The Facebook phone you've been waiting for. Since I already posted my all-stripes outfit on my previous entry, just hype it on lookbook if you want to! :)


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  1. whoa.... this party looked crazy incredible. and not to mention star studded! wah. nakakajelly naman much. :)


  2. Beautiful people at this event! Thanks for sharing these pics. Glad to know that SMART is too generous giving away these phones!
    In case you haven't joined yet, am hosting a giveaway with a neck piece inspired from the House of Harlow, please drop by and join if you can!


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