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Sheer white polo from Bossini

As of now...

I just finished updating my shop F-STOP (Fashion Stop). A couple of new designs from the supplier especially those in-demand Jeffrey Campbell and Miu Miu replicas from Korea are recently uploaded in the product section. Actually, there are so many things listed in my to-do list but despite all of the tasks that I need to juggle, it's really a must for me to update the shop because competition nowadays is really stiff. F-STOP's sales are getting better but at the same time, other shops have been doing so good as well. Knowing that shoppers can just hop from one shop to another with just one click, I really need to make an effort to keep them coming back, to keep them checking in and drive traffic to the website.

F-STOP also has a new shop segment called Style Ideas where I feature an item from the store and use polyvore to mix and match it with other pieces so that shoppers would have an idea of how to wear the product. The segment also showcases other photos from and blogs as style inspirations.

As a small-time entrepreneur, I find it a challenge to maintain and grow a following and solid clientele so as much as I can, I'm trying my best to keep the brand stronger and take the necessary initiatives to continuously advance F-STOP further.

Jacket from AuxmanilaLink

Realistically speaking, the shop shouldn't be my priority now since I have a pile of readings to finish, waiting for me in one end of my room. Haha. However, reading the whole day can be boring and mentally tiring so I figured, why not update the shop and my blog at the same time. After all, time management is simply "making time" for things that are needed to be done. Eerr... right?

Besides, I missed out on Penshoppe's SM North Edsa branch opening event just to read on Political Economy and write a media text critique using the framework so I might as well give myself a break from anything academic (urggh nose bleed, haha).

Yes, I now consider blogging as a break time habit. Haha! If I'm not reading, I'm out working. When I say work, for those who don't know, I'm a freelancer - events host, production manager, talent, film crew, PR / fashion writer, occasional events photographer and whatnot. Basta pagkakakitaan, go ako dyan! Lumalagari ala Curacha pa! Haha. One of my projects now is doing basic videography and event coverage with my orgmate Bea. I'll tell you more about it once we finish editing the video. Gosh, this week's the deadline! Waaah.

Shoes from F-STOP (Fashion Stop) Shop Asian section, socks 7-11

And after everything, you may think that I finally relax the moment I go home. Technically, no. Haha. I still get stressed over my laundry, cleaning the house, doing the dishes, and preparing quickfire meals. Seriously, I'm hiring a maid every week just to help me clean, laundry and iron F-STOP shop vintage items and sort out the Asian Fashion orders. Haha!

The fact that I'm sharing these, I'm letting you guys know that unlike other people or other bloggers, whose main concerns are shoes, clothes, make-up and social parties; I don't have everything on a silver platter. Being in a middle class family, now that I'm more mature and a bit older, I enjoy small luxuries by reaping the fruits of my labor. My parents have carried enough burdens just to send us to school and now it's up to me to build my own empire and be my own person. One step at a time. *wink*

all accessories courtesy of Saint Rebel Street

On a side note: The blog title has something to do with my outfit, if you liked it, the liquid leather jacket is from Auxmanila and my awesome edgy accessories are from Saint Rebel Street Boutique. I gave all of these away (done shipping) during my latest blog giveaway and I just used the items for reserved outfit posts like this. Haha! I would love to keep the stuff to myself but it's always more important to give back to my readers who have been supporting this blog all this time.

If you want to shop Auxmanila, they release most of their thrifted collections every Sunday and for Saint Rebel Street, a new collection of badass jewelry is about to come your way soon. I can't wait to see what's new with these shops!

Soon on Saint Rebel Street!


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  1. Love what you done with the socks and shoes, wish you well and further success with your shop :)

  2. Girl you're not alone naman. We all have so so so many things to do. Tama time management lng. Ako nga d na natutulog eh! Haha. And like you and im sure others as well, things were not handed to me or us in a silver platter. Workinf hard for the things I/we have! It's the determination that counts. Hehe. Goodluck sa lahat te! See you soon!;) Monday meeting! lablab

  3. i love the tough chick look babe!

  4. aww melai I feel for you, as in everything you said feeling ko ganon din ako. Most especially for my shop and blogging, I agree with you,
    "I'm letting you guys know that unlike other people or other bloggers, whose main concerns are shoes, clothes, make-up and social parties; I don't have everything on a silver platter."

    Just what you always tell me KEEP GOING. :) We can surpass anything Melai, because we are determined and inspired to reach our goals. :)

  5. I love this outfit! the jacket and earring...I love!!!! xoxo

  6. I love your earrings! And your shoes with those socks! sooo pretty!

    The Niknok Style

  7. I like your tassel earrings! :D

  8. babes, thanks for pointing me to auxmanila's direction! another reasonably priced online shop to bookmark:)

    oh and i might order the JC clinics from you soon!


  9. wow socks from 7-11, i love them! great styling melai! :)


  10. I wanted to see where those lace socks are from and I was shocked! It's from 7-11. Thanks Melai for showing it to us :)



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