Red Mango turns a cool 2!

10:56 AM

Hello! Again, I've been missing for a week not only because I'm busy but also because my laptop has broken down and I haven't had enough time to bring it to my trusty repair shop. *Sigh*

2-3 posts away, I've featured one of the best frozen yogurt cafés in the metro: Red Mango. Since I really love their products, it was such a pleasure to have the opportunity to celebrate with them their 2nd year of operation here in the country. The intimate after-lunch gathering was held at Red Mango's SM Megamall branch last February 4, 2011, attended by some fashion and food bloggers, magazine writers (the whole Candy team was there!) and few celebrities.

It was heartbreaking when I found out that I left the memory card so the camera I have with me was as good as useless! Good thing is Vern and Honey have their cameras and all the photos you'll see here were snatched from their sites. :)

Thanks Vern for letting me grab your photos!
Top Inkarlcerating | Animal print cardigan Thrifted

For the event, I wore the Inkarlcerating top that was gifted to me by the fabulous famous Karl Leuterio! I want to make Karl proud because at first he was worried that I won't be able to incorporate the top with my style. I was like, "Karl, I'll make it work for yah babe!"

Sexy and pretty twins Danah and Stacy of Plump Pinay (Photo by Vern)

What I love about events is that I get to meet new people! Honey introduced us to Plump Pinay bloggers Danah and Stacy plus we also had a short chat with President of Red Mango Philippines Shiela (3rd photo below), RM endorsers and radio hosts Sam and Rick (1st photo below)! Aaaw, it would be great to have to Tony as well. Though the Boys Night Out boys were incomplete, the two were very friendly and hilarious naman!

When are we guesting in your show?? Hahaha!

Photos from Honey

Red Mango also launched their newest variant: the Berry flavor yogurt and the Berry Swirl (w/ ice cream). I really love the taste not only because it's my favorite but also because it's really delicious - no sugarcoating, I swear. Haha. You should try it guys! You should!!! Like what I said in this feature, it's really something you should not miss. :)

The rest of the day was all about bonding, chit chats and free frozen yogurt treats! I love the quality time I spent with blogger friends. :) Thank you Red Mango! This post is never too late to thank you guys!

Photo Credits:
Vern Enciso of A Shoe Tale
Honey Andrade of Somnium et Vita

Expect these blog posts:
1) I styled a mini fashion show in UP Diliman
2) Got featured!
3) Another Trunk Show feature!
4) Attended the Greater Good X Style Break collaboration launch
5) See you guys at the Bloggers Closet Bazaar on Sunday!

Outfit posts will have to wait since my laptop needs reformating and all my files were there. *sniff*

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  1. Aw, too bad about your laptop. I hope it get's repaired soon! ^^.
    BTW, you won (Consolation prize) in my 300th Blog post giveaway! ^^ Do email me, =)

  2. you're so lucky to meet the owner of red mango! ;)

  3. yey! glad you have the red mango entry up! missed you, melai! forever love your artsy top from karl!

  4. awesome! i've never had red mango before but i heard it's better than pinkberry. i'll have to try it soon!

  5. u look so ur cardi...and looks like such fun time

  6. I love the top! Btw, I'm looking forward to the black wedges I pre-ordered from you! Can't wait for it to arrive next week :)

    Kats D.

  7. a day out with good company and all u can eat fro-yo...that's what I call a perfect day :)

    eclectic du jour

  8. you gave justice to the top babe! hope to see you again soon! =)


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