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Despite all the buzz and excitement, I almost forgot that Valentine's day is coming up.

Earlier this morning, while on the road, I was listening to Magic 89.9's "Good Times" with DJ Mo, Mojo and Grace Lee. Their topic was all about Valentines and that's when it hit me, next week na nga pala yun. A guy caller asked the trio what should he give his girlfriend for the big V-day. Mo Twister, being the green and naughty boy that he is answered, "Give her a nice, sexy lace lingerie."

What the heck? Giving a girl lingerie for Valentines is like sending her a subtle message that you want to spend "sexy time" on that day. The very essence of Valentines is love! Not... sex!

If you ask me, I'd rather receive flowers than that. For some people, they can be too ordinary or too cliche'. However, flowers are timeless. We have to admit it ladies, all of us still get kilig and giddy deep inside when we receive a bouquet of anything; may it be roses, lilies, daisies, Malaysian mums, tulips, or a mix.

Flowers have this inevitable and unique quality of making any girl feel very special; like a princess or a beauty queen in an instant. Di ba, 'pag binigyan tayo ng bulaklak, humahaba ang hair natin? That's what I felt when I
received a bouquet of huge Ecuadorean pink roses in full bloom yesterday from Tecson Flowers' Me So Pretty Designer Series.

The arrangement is simple and classic but what struck me the most was that it was wrapped in burlap and checkered fabric stitched together and clasped by a chic and stylish bow made of denim and checkered fabric with a jeweled button (
breather from the usual plastic and ribbon cloths).

When I woke up this morning, I was worried because I was too tired from work last night that I placed it on the bedside table and totally forgot to put the "Pretty in Pink" flowers in a vase or the fridge. It was pleasing to see no (not even one) signs of wilting. Yun pala, each end tip of the flower was placed in a small tube with water to keep it fresh for hours.

At breakfast, my nanay saw the bouquet and loved it! She happily placed the flowers in a vase and made it the center piece of our dining table. I kept the bow as a future DIY project (necklace/headband/belt) while nanay kept the wrapper with thoughts of recycling it in the future.

So if you happen to be thinking of getting flowers for your friends and loved ones this valentines (I hope I have a few guy readers as well), your money will be worth on Tecson Flowers. They have A LOT to choose from! Have it delivered if you like or make it more special by adding extras like balloons, chocolates and plush toys which are also available in their store.

For some who are a bit skeptical since flowers seemed to have become a staple or "default" gift item, the BEST TRICK (
for anyone babae ka man o lalaki, for your special someone, or friend, or relatives), is to give them (take NOTE) unexpectedly or in a creative manner.

I remember my older brother, he surprised his girlfriend with a colossal bouquet (bigger than pageant flower arrangements) when he picked her up after work hours. Given publicly in her office, his gf was completely surprised, touched and speechless. The both of them left the office with her carrying the gigantic bouquet of mixed flowers, in all shades of blue (which is her favorite color), while
passing the hallways of her building where everyone could see. Her female colleagues were all jealous to death, complimented how lucky she is to have an incredibly sweet boyfriend and made her a topic of conversation for quite a while.

For the men who want to be creative like my Kuya, or the women who want to switch it up, make things more interesting and give your men those adorable bloom fields, don't settle for anything less. You know where to go. Advance happy valentines everyone!

Tecson Flowers
Artistically Han-Arranged, Professionally Hand-Delivered flowers. That's the Tecson Difference.

Branches: SM North EDSA, SM Mega Mall, Greenhills Theater Mall, SM Fairview, SM Bacoor

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  1. I love how you modeled the flowers!♥♥♥ Great post! I agree: It may be considered a default gift on Valentines but it's truly timeless. :D

  2. @Abbie: thanks abbie! how did you make the heart sign?? hahaha

  3. Hehehe ~ hold ALT key then press 3. :D

  4. love the edginess of your outfit melai! i'm not really fond of flowers but i guess you're right that every girl can get kilig when we receive one. hee.~

  5. would you believe na hindi pa ako nakakatanggap ng flowers? hahahahhah... but indeed it makes a girl's hair super loooooooong! hahahhaha

    that was what i had in mind when i conceptualized my bday gift for your kuya mir. remember what i sent him for his bday last year? the bouquet of tortillos with 1.5 Coke handle? heeeh shempre di pdeng flowers...

    super like ko ang pagmodel mo ng flowers and the shot! lufet!

  6. Awww, I missed this one! I do love the photos, especially the second candid...full of HAPPINESS! Hahahaha!

    I want to receive a bouquet of flowers on V-Day! Paging boyfie!

  7. Love your outfit! :D

    Your post makes me want to receive flowers for Valentines! :D

    meme d.
    for the love of shoes

  8. Pretty flowers :) I missed receiving flowers and hiding it from my dad.hahahah!You look great Melai :)

  9. you look soo pretty.. yes. happiness nga.


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