Putting up a one-woman show

2:25 AM

I couldn't sleep. It's now 3 AM and later, by 7 AM, I need to be at the bazaar location to prep my F-STOP booth. I'm still thinking if this bazaar-ing would turn out fine. I'll be a super woman later and pull off everything on my own.
  • My parents & siblings aren't supportive of the business so I couldn't expect anything from them.
  • My friends give words of encouragement but you see, they don't have time (and I don't want to keep them either) to help out, even on shoots or events like these because they have lives of their own too (though I could sometimes count on them to buy my items, haha).
  • I would be carrying everything and load them up in the taxi by myself later (take note my apartment is on the top-most floor, no elevator just stairs). The stuff I have with me are 1) more or less 100 pieces of clothes, 2) huge plastic container w/ my supplies, 3) electric fan, 4) a heavy metal rack, 5) tarp, 6) laptop, 7) two additional smaller racks, 8) foldable table and a 9) heavy wooden mirror (geez, don't think that would fit in a cab though).
  • My boyfriend has helped me enough during the Brown Bag Market so I think, I shouldn't ask him again on this one. Besides, I value his time so much that I don't want him to be wasting it on me if he has other better things to do.
  • I'd be manning the booth and pack up on my own too.
What a super hero I would have to be!

Yes, I do get help when I need it; like asking my boyfriend to do the photography, at times, requesting him to accompany me (I'll pay gas / food) but most of the time, I've been doing everything myself.
  • Styling and modeling
  • Photography and post processing
  • Accounting and finance
  • Website layout / HTML codes
  • Promotion and marketing
  • Treasure hunting (for vintage collection)
  • 1st and 2nd level washing (out of four levels)
  • Ironing clothes
  • Packaging and shipping
At times, I wish I was one of those shop owners who knew a lot of models/ stylists/ photographers/ contacts to probably help me out; a business partner maybe? But I guess what makes F-STOP different from other stores is that I alone, do everything and I try to rely only on myself to get things done. The service they get is indeed a true labor of love and exceeding effort.

Some super powers eh? ^_^

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  1. I really admire you for being able to do all these things by yourself, but you should take care of yourself, too!

  2. Oh my god, so much to do and only you to do it all! Don't give up and keep up the hard work - it'll pay off in the end. I believe in karma ;)

  3. Kaya mo yan melai! :) I LOVE looking back on the days na I sacrificed so much for my own business... Hanggang ngayon one man team parin ako dahil takot ako mang abala! :D All those experiences will be great stories to tell pag sikat na ang business, and will be worth it. :)

  4. aww, you're a super girl, Melai! just proves how much hard work & commitment you put into your projects, which is something i truly admire.

    hey, hit me up if you need any help! i'd love to help you style sometime. it's something i've always wanted to do, & i'm bored most of the time anyway, haha.

    take care, dear! and don't pressure yourself too much! :)

    boat ride through the sky

  5. Wow, that is a lot of work involved. o_o I have a suggestion - for bazaars, maybe you can ask your boyfriend to help you out, and pay him a small "salary" in return? That's what I do, actually. I do most of Ukay Manila's work myself but I let my boyfriend take care of some things, and I pay him at the end of the month.

    Good luck at the bazaar! I Tweeted about it so my readers can visit your booth and Arianne's. Seriously, I can never do what you do...I have no patience to man bazaar booths!

  6. love the sunnies!:)



  7. Gosh, kawawa ka naman. But, go lang ng go!!!

    I hope this bazaar thing goes well for you. You'll see everything will pay off after and glad you did it despite everything you had to go through carrying heavy things and all by yourself.

  8. melai, total kudos going out to you girl. i can't believe that you'll be doing most if not all of the workload yourself. i've been trying to start a small business too and i can't imagine having not much help for the tasks! sad to hear that you don't get much support from your loved ones, but i'm sure they'll get behind it once they see FStop succeeding--and i'm sure it will! you truly are superwoman!


  9. goodluckkkkk!!! you better hire somebody already! hahaa or ask for help :) You can't be doing all these alone all the time.. it's so tiring :(

  10. wow! what a super woman you are! :) but you see, you are good with what you do! :D

    xx, Channie

  11. You are indeed a super woman, melai!:) and i admire you for that :) good luck with the bazaar!

  12. I'm proud of you and at the same time, feel bad that not a lot of people are helping you out. If you need help with anything, let me know. :)

  13. Kaloka teh ang dami mong dadalin! Pero kahit na ikaw lang mag-isa, iba yung sense ng fulfillment pagkatapos. Sarap ng pakiramdam. I wish you luck on the bazaar! I'm sure madaming bibili, dami mo cute stuff sa F-stop. <3

    Lee [spunkandglam.blogspot.com]

  14. WOW!!! super woman indeed love...but I know little by little you will be successful and that labor of love...gets what it really deserves....

    You are strong and I salute you for that...

    Kisses and good luck for the bazaar...


  15. do not worry, i need a "personal assistant" for the things i do on my own, too! hahahahahahaha!

  16. hey melai, i hope the bazaar turned out well for you. napagod ako just reading your entry but like you said, labor of love talaga. kudos for going through it, super powers indeed!


  17. dont worry girl,been there, done that!!! and still doing it. haha. one man show din ako--although mich helps me out naman whenever i have bazaars. :) pero i'll die if gagawin ko yung magbaba ng things using the stairs lng. Parusa! Hope it's all worth it though. I know it is!


    All your comments truly touched my heart! Super thanks!

  19. wow! naks naman! u pulled everything. bilib ako sau
    gawa ka na ng company te. mag aapply kami nila mike lol

  20. hi melai.. just wanted to ask where did you get your wayfarers??


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