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Kotex Launches WOW Feminine Pads

Having our monthly period, apart from pregnancy and giving birth, is one of the most unique experiences that makes us women very distinct from men. Indeed, menstruation brings us pain, discomfort, restriction and at times embarrassment, which would most likely continue on probably until we're 40 to 50 years of age. However, no matter how unwanted those "red days" are, we could always reverse the negativity of the experience into something more wonderful with the help of the new stylishly printed pads from Kotex.

The brand's WOW (Why Only White?) campaign calls all of us ladies out there to embrace the natural part of womanhood by treating sanitary napkins not just a form of protection but also of expression. With the release of the first and only innovation in feminine hygiene called Kotex Luxe Designs, the brand aims to revolutionize our monthly period experiences from being terrible to something fun, flirty and WOW.

The line comes in six lovely designs in two different themes: "Girl Next Door" and "Indie Chic". Despite the fact that we couldn't flaunt these colorful patterns and though technically they're a "secret", the fact that we know in ourselves that we "have them on" will definitely boost our positive attitude towards having our period. Plus, it's ultra thin layer will keep us treating "red days" no less than any other day wherein we can be ourselves and do the things we regularly do with the assurance that we are protected.

Kotex' Fun, Flirty & WOW event

Last Tuesday, the team of Kimberly Clark headed by Golda Gomez invited some Manila-based bloggers at Bizu Patiserrie & Bistro in Greenbelt 2, Makati to formally introduce the Kotex Luxe Designs - their best and boldest product to date.

I was super late for the event because I came from an ocular for an upcoming weekend film shoot in Marikina but good thing I missed nothing yet except for a few chats. Great thing was there were still plenty of delicious food left for me to eat, haha! Gosh, Bizu's desserts were divine. It was so nice to see a lot of familiar faces, newly-encountered fashion and beauty bloggers and the rest of my blogger friends. My blogger sisters Aisa, Ana, and Ava were there along with blogger friends Mich, Bestie, Denise and my-first-time-to-meet Lloyda (starstruck with Preview's Top 10 Best Dressed of 2010!).

L-R: Ava, Aisa, Me, Lloyda. Photo from Aisa :)

Bizu's yummy desserts!

To start the ball rolling, we were asked to shortly mention our blog and answer the question, "If you were a brand, what would you be and why?" No brainer! Definitely I'd be F-STOP (my own brand) because I believe that fashion is finding the cheap and practical; then transforming it to something stylish and splendid. After that, we watched the video of Kotex' product history going back from 1920s to this new era in feminine care.

To make more things exciting, there was also a mini contest "Design your own pad". The winning design (congrats Liz of Project Vanity) would have a chance of being chosen as one of the future product designs when Kotex Luxe expands its set of prints.

Thanks Ana for taking my photo!

Major photo-taking at the WOW Kotex banner capped off the girly and intimate blogger's event. And although the rest of pack already left, our gang continued taking pictures in Bizu's posh and well-lighted comfort room.

From extreme right: Ava, Ana, Me, Denise with other bloggers (I'm so sorry didn't get your names T-T).

Lloyda of Fashionista Fortune Cookie opted to keep it simple in a classic Giordano black dress and black brogues. If I haven't been reading her blog, I wouldn't have known that she just gave birth. I promise, pictures don't give justice to her very pretty face.

Meanwhile, pink floral maxi with attached denim corset seemed to slash off years from Bestie's age. She sure did look youthful as ever. She paired brown clogs and fringe bag then let her long wavy hair down for that girly boho chic vibe.

It was an all-out monochromatic outfit for Aisa which is not even close to boring. She had a chic B&W jumpsuit on underneath a plaid blazer. Her statement pieces were a Twiggy resin necklace from Z! and a multi-color-heeled black pumps from ukay.

Like Lloyda, babyfaced and slim mom Ava went for something classy. She was dressed in a cute baby doll and plaid dress and nude wedges. I am so in love and so envious of her porcelain skin! Gosh! I want flawless skin too.

Ana was a quirky and kawaii doll with luscious red lips. Her unique dress which has a bow and ruffle details to it was a fab find from none other than the one-of-a-kind clothing capital - ukay!

Last but definitely not the least, I've come up with a feminine but not girly girl, colorful but not quirky and textured yet polished look by putting on a sunshine yellow blazer, a rainbow bejeweled skirt, a gray Ann Demeulemeester inspired scarf-necklace and invisible-heeled strappy shoes. I bombarded my fingers with rings, wore some random bangles and used simple pearls. Since I've had my hair really short for quite some time, it was my first time again to tie my hair in a pony tail! Talk about feeling like a real girl once again. Haha.

It was one of the ultimate camwhoring event nights ever!

Tres Marias: Ana, Me and Aisaaa! Haha!

Candid Lloyda and slim ladies Bestie and Ava.

I definitely love this gorgeous couple. We get to really hang out and bond because usually after events, we were the ones left before going home so that gives us the chance to really talk and share more of ourselves.

Pogi ni Mich!

The event was a success and a whole lot of fun. I wish I could have bonded more with Liz of Project Vanity, Denise of Simone's Closet and Alex of Reluctant Stylista. See you guys again for more blogger events. Of course, a big bunch of thanks to the Kimberly Clark team for having us in this event. You guys definitely made this girl-bonding activity happen - the fun, flirty and WOW way! And I oh-so-loved all the Kotex goodies and canvass bag. Till the next one!

Cause we are grateful to the whole Kimberly Clark team, we couldn't leave without saying thanks & taking photos!

Photos by: Melai Entuna
Other photos: Ana, Mich and Aisa

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  1. Haha, that was a nice design! My favorite part of your outfit was the scarf and bright colored blazer. Also the rings! :D I'm totally envious. See you next time! :)

  2. all you girls are just fabulous!

    love your yellow blazer. xx

  3. we all adored your blazer, melai! hehe and that diy necklace is pure talent!!

  4. haha i don't know if kotex is available in Philippine too.. i use kotex usually for my pantyliner.. but your kotex is cute. anyway you and your friends are fabulous ! i love one of your friend's alexa bag.. it's cool

  5. Thank you for the lovely comment babe! We are trying our best to look for suppliers who can give us the best price with great quality. The PLUM Collection will be cheaper compared to Plush =0

    Thank you again Babe!

    NICOLE =)

  6. I think that is pretty cool! Decades and decades, its just been these white clinical pads, I'm glad someone thought of that. Though I wish I thought of that first!

    Plus - also wish I was there to meet y'all! It looks like you had a fabulous time!


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  7. Wow love the event Melai...and you seemed to have lots of girl bonding...I am so jealous!!!!

    you look all gorgeous dear!!!

    I am really in love with your shoes!!!


  8. That yellow jacket you had on is great.

  9. loving all the fabulous styles ladies!
    Come Follow and Vote xoxo

  10. taray ng heels! you guys were such a fashionable bunch!

  11. Didn't know that Kotex has it's new look, designs are so lovely. :)

    btw, I love your shoes sis!

  12. yeeeeee lovelove sis!!!:) promise padalhan pa kita archive items soon pagnakasettle down an kami sa new apartment, cu soon!!

  13. hi Melai!You are so pretty that night! I adore your diy necklace!I hope I can make one for myself!hihi!:)

    See you on the13th!:)


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