Hello Goodbye

11:19 PM

Hello! Hope everyone had a great weekend! I had nothing to do so I practiced doing some photography (used a 50mm lens, Canon 450D).

It's lovely how self expression has been this free. As I explore the blogging world, I've come to discover more people both in local and international scene. I'm just in awe how everyone's doing so well in their blogs. Maybe this was what I was afraid of at first - why I felt like I have no right to blog. Feeling so little in this gigantic virtual world, it's inevitable to be self conscious. I'm happy because I'm slowly getting past that. I applaud everyone who's brave to speak their minds, to share their lives. All your blogs are great (whatever field you choose to focus on).

If you have a blog, congratulate and appreciate yourself. At the end of the day, you are the best judge of who you are. Yey to you!

BTW, sad sad news for me... Ugly Betty season 4 has just aired its finale and is saying goodbye for good. I'm a die-hard fan of the series. As cheesy as it sounds, I see a lot of myself in Betty and I commend the writers for each touching episode. I wished for one more season but it's how the business works. Truth is, Ugly Betty's rating has dropped after two seasons and no matter how worthy it is of airtime, no matter how well-written it is, viewership is what keeps the money going. It's impossible to produce a show without profit. So there... they have axed the show after four seasons and 85 episodes.

Photos by: Melai Entuna (yours truly and unretouched)

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