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Kabog. Yun lang ang masasabi ko.

It is madness. And I mean it in its most positive ever.

I am new in the blogging world (I just started this April here in blogger). The reason why I've always stressed this is because long-time bloggers (who have no idea) may wonder why I'm always (as in) amazed with every style blogger I discover on the web. Particularly this Toxic Disco Boy.

It was pure randomness. I was browsing a favorite blog (my first ever featured blog: Denise) and of all the comments in one of her posts, I decided to click his link. In an instant, I was fascinated with what I saw. His kabog outfits (well a lot of them) were worn with such daring conviction.

As I see it, Mikhael's style is characterized by his audacious fashion choices. Eclectic street as I would like to call it, what or who he wears doesn't matter. It is all about how he wears it. Regardless if the item is branded, thrifted or DIY, it all boils down to him creating a look that is totally his own.

Dressed with utmost attention to unique details (like drapes etc.) and/or prints, he projects colossal confidence in all his adventurous wardrobe selections. Seemingly Japanese-Korean-inspired, his fashion sense defies the confines of Philippine style norms; creating something only he can pull off (seems like that).

Fierce and fearless, his bold attitude reflects his brave experimentation to strut the streets without minding if people would stare. Anyway, try to visit and actually read his blog. It's very conversational, humorous and certainly not elitist. He's funny and always true to himself - two things that made me really read his entries (kept on clicking "older posts"). Kaloka!

Coming across as avant garde in geometric, over-draped items and at times mis-matched prints and pieces, Mikhael also knows how to dress down, replacing over-the-top clothes with a nice statement, graphic or artsy tees or a nice mix up of neutral colored pieces.

More than his set of clothes, he also hangs out with a fab fashown friends (I do check out Jing and the super famous Karl too!). The great thing about it is that he (and everyone else) looks different from the others. Talk about owning yourself.

I know, his sense of style may not appeal to everyone but him being different makes a difference. If you see it the way I do, his way of clothing himself tells us that we have a choice - either to wear what everyone else is wearing or decide to surface above everyone else.

I have to admit, I think I cannot be that experimental when it comes to dressing up (I'll look trying hard kaya). But it's good to take inspiration from the brave and channel it to a different direction. Like... applying it to how we make life decisions. It's all about taking risks even if they turn out to be mistakes later (ouch). It's a cliche' yes, but experience is really the best teacher. Our choices (whether in fashion or life) no matter what other people say, little by little, build who we are and who we become.


Make sure to check out
Mikhael's blog (more links of him there).

PS. For those asking, I do not get paid to feature anyone (I don't know them personally too). I don't want to simply tell people, "Hey check this blog." I just like to write when thoughts kick in (write hopefully with sense of course).

Written by: Melanie Mae S. Entuna

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  1. hey! gosh. grabe ka! hahahaha.

    salamat. ^^

  2. @toxic disco boy:
    Hi Mike! No prob. I really like your style and daring confidence.

    Kung grabe ako, mas grabe ka! Hehe.

  3. nice feature.ngaun kolang nakita..
    thats my boy! haahaha

  4. ngayon ko lang nakita 'to! thanks to "you might also like" section! but ofcourse!mike's the best.he's a very dear friend of mine!he's the reason why i started my blog and all the ukay-ukay madness!
    nice feature,melai.


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