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Almost two weeks ago, I went to an Exclusive Press Preview and Pullout of various brands from M2 Fashions International Inc. Though I have blogged about it, I haven't really elaborated much; a.k.a making kwento about what happened then.

(L-R) Ana's sister, Ana, Aisa and Ava

First time to meet Krissy ^_^. We just had a quick photo just as she was about to leave.

I was EXTREMELY late for the event because that day, I met up with my booth partners for the first-ever bazaar I'll be participating in (will tell you more about it soon). Because I would be commuting, I decided to not bring my stuff and just go home instead to change clothes (I'm not sure if I made the right decision, hmmm). Going to UP from Makati and back again was indeed really tiring so it took me a lot of time dressing up and traveling. When I got to Ayala station, my boyfriend picked me up and the traffic was hell on the way to A.Venue Hotel.

When I arrived, I felt super embarrassed because I missed the fashion show and some attendees already left (No photo with Denise and Bestie, aaw). I approached Ms. Ayet to apologize then stuck around to make sure I checked all the brands, to chat with a few other people left and to take photos. Great thing I was with my "foursome" circle blogger friends Aisa, Ana and Ava. We ate pizza afterwards for more bonding and chatting (wouldn't miss that).

Sorry! Ana's photo is over exposed.
However, she was hands down the best dressed of the night in that floral jumpsuit.

Aisa wearing a gold tunic, leggings and clogs ^__^

JR and Mich fooling around. Hihi.

The boyfriends/photographers. Hihi.

On the outfit: My boyfriend suggested to me that he thought it was better if I remove my socks. I didn't listen at first mainly because I knew he wasn't a fan of the socks on shoes/sandals trend. Just so you know: I rode the jeepney and MRT wearing normal clothes and changed inside SM Makati's ladies' comfort room. There was no full-length mirror so I wasn't sure if it looked okay. Then I realized that he was right so later on, I removed it only after the event. After being all so colorful during the Kotex Launch, this time, I decided to go monochromatic and wore a black blazer with sequined collar, lace tunic, black layered skirt and my PRP wedges.

It looked like I shopped but no, they're all goodies!

Lace top and sequined-collar blazer.

My day didn't end with that! I went straight to my short film director to assist in finalizing the credits during the last-minute editing and got home at 4:00 AM. Lagari diba???!!! Kaloka that day! Summary: Meeting, event, then editing till the next day. Whew.

Segue: So early in my blogging life and yet I somehow feel the pressure of regularly updating. I've been absent for quite a while because I couldn't find time to squeeze blogging into my daily activities. Though technically I'm still living with my parents, I try so hard to be independent. I strive to cook a meal, to do my own laundry, and to do household chores apart from doing other activities like my rakets, my shop and others. So to all my readers I hope you do understand and I hope you're still there, willing to read my updates or new blog entries. Sorry to all the blogs I follow because I haven't visited your respective sites lately. But I'm still a supporter of each of you no matter what. Missed you everyone!

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  1. I love the outfit...melai

    I think our boys are learning the sense of fashion from us and we should listen to them often!!!


  2. i love the outfit melai! i think it looks great with or without the socks. :)

  3. my first time in your blog. nice one i might say. :)

  4. waaah that was really one crazy day! :D i love what you wore esp the blazer and laced top

  5. I love ur lace toppp :)
    and you guys all looking fab!

  6. i like your outfit! exactly the way angel locsin dresses in imortal! hehe i <3 that show ^^

    The ViXeN's LaiR

  7. Hi i tagged you in my post, for being one of the bloggers who inspired me the most! Hope you take time to look at it! Thank you! Stay fabulous!
    Here's the link.

  8. Wow, looks like you guys had so much fun! And your lacy top is so pretty!! Looks so vintage to me. And love how you styled this outfit, the outfit looks great without socks. The shoes is just perfect. :)

  9. Yez Ms. Melai... I really miss ur daily bloggings. I never let the day pass without visiting yours and your "foursome" circle blogger friends' sites. You guys rock. I look up to you. Its nice to encounter such wonderful people here in the blogsphere. You truly inspire!

  10. pengeeeeeeee ng freebies! haha -dikya69


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