"DADI" Shoot

8:42 PM

Gone for so long.

Three weeks seemed forever. I’m not sure if you guys missed me (sana naman, haha!) but I do hope that even though updates and outfit posts have been on a very slow move, your enthusiasm to read my blog continues.

Remember the short film I told you about? Exactly.

I’ve been missing in action for the past weeks because my part-time work as a production manager required almost 24-hours of my time. Aside from the shooting dates itself, the pre-production has been very crucial to my job. I was always on a run; going back and forth to shooting locations, securing shooting permits, supervising equipment rental deals, calling actors, coordinating with the production crew, managing finance and expenses and a whole lot more.

It was the filmmaker's directive to keep the project on the low first so I'll be sharing a few photos, just for tease.

So what exactly do you wear on film shootings? Unlike photo shoots wherein the crew is confined in just one room which is the studio, you can still definitely dress up. Film shoots are otherwise. First, you have to wear shoes made for long walking and constant running, bottoms that won't constrain movement (shorts would be a good one but be wary of bug bites and bruises), a comfy shirt and a belt bag, or backpack (or both).

Black sequined top Thrifted | Jumper used as shorts Thrifted | Green high-cut sneaks Thrifted

| Belt bag | Backpack Kickers

The director to watch out for: Ilsa Malsi

Coordinating with the security personnel.

Production Crew (L-R): Judd Figuerres & Gian Abraham (asst. directors), Phy Grande, Rizzi Gorospe (production design team), Kim Alcoreza (script continuity)

Buddies forever!

What an interesting find: dog with henna tattoo.

FAVORITE SHOT: I love taking macro shots like this.

I've been itching to post more photos; especially those of our actors! Gosh, photo posts have been piling up, I need to move! (Will do my best to update more!)


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  1. hey, it's Gian! i know him. he's a high school classmate of my boyfriend's. haha, wala lang, small world.

    so interesting what goes on behind the camera. being prod manager sounds like a taxing job tho, but looks like you're having loads of fun!

    boat ride through the sky

  2. of course we miss you, melai!:) glad you found the time to write an entry!:) and you look cute with your sneakers! i love how the dog looks like a tiger, noh? hehe whats the dadi concept?:)

    that dog is pretty wierd though lol :P


  4. looks like you had an amazing time on set :)
    good luck with the film!

    eclectic du jour

  5. wow, cool photos! and henna on a dog?! amazing. :))


  6. it's cool to see photos of you melai at "work" :) ang cool ng tiger-dog gumo-go uste hahaha! :)
    Hope to see you soon, and goodluck with the film! :)

  7. Busy bee :) Hope you're getting enough rest. :)

  8. buddies forever!^^
    (I'll try to upload more bts pics later, so antagal.)

  9. This all sounds very exciting! and I do hope I get to watch your short film :) Good luck! I know it'll come out great!


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