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(P.S.) Styling for 1896: This post is a sequel to my first entry about the indie film that I worked on (as a stylist). Principal photography of the movie is finished but we will still shoot the credits tomorrow. Due to conflict of schedules, we have not yet started making the documentary (primer) for the film. As of now, the movie continues to progress and is currently at Roadrunner's for editing.

Councilor Alfred Vargas plays Andres Bonifacio (in moro-moro costume).

Jitters in my spine.

That was what I got during the first day shooting of Ang Paglilitis ni Andres Bonifacio (The Trial of Andres Bonifacio). I was inexperienced; literally on my first day of being an assistant stylist. I was thinking that it could either be my "make or break".

Usually, I would always ignore how other people judge me. But what made that day different was that, it was all about first impressions. Though there's a saying that these kind of notions don't always last, I would like to think that they do, especially if I would like to make it in the industry for real.

Working on revolutionary government's soldier costumes.

My friend Ilsa told me that one's first work should always showcase his talent and potential. I totally agree. My next project offer (if ever) on the same job description will depend not only on my previous output, but on what others perceive of my ability and work ethics as well.

Since I wanted to do really well that day, I wore something really comfortable to be able to move around quickly. I wore a shirt-dress with mini shorts under and sheer leggings. Having hyperactive sweat glands made me wear black on purpose so I wouldn't have to deal with sweat marks.

Being a dancer, I always worked out, moved a lot and since then, I've been really sweaty even when I'm not doing much. It also made it difficult for me to wear certain colors (pastels, vibrant plain ones). Can you relate with my (little) wardrobe dilemma?

Paint splattered top Eastwood bazaar | Mini short (under) | Sheer leggings |
DIY neon warmers | Converse sneaks | Fringe bag Thrifted | Belt SM | Shades F&H

I love the neon-colored splattered paint print on it. I deliberately paired my DIY neon yellow leg warmers with it along with my purple Converse sneakers. I bought a neon top in ukay before and I just cut the sleeves and made it as warmers ^__^.

Now connecting the title to this entry: I have a minor role in the film and so, in between styling and other job-related errands, I had to act as well (can you imagine?! haha). From a modern-day girl, I had to morph in an "1896 Maria Clara".

This is Katte (L) and Tita Peewee (R) who did my hair and make-up.
Does Tita Peewee look familiar? She's a commercial and theater actress.

Tadah! Transformation complete! How do I look? Does being a true-blue dalagang Pilipina suit me? During the Spanish colonization, Filipina women had their hair up in a bun and wore baro't saya with kamison as inner. In those days, Filipina women were ultra conservative, to the point that for the men, just seeing a lady's sole (foot sole) is erotic enough.

I played the role of the female protagonist's friend. Promise, it was really minor; no major acting needed (or even exerted). In the scene below, we were at the plaza watching a Komedya play starred by Andres Bonifacio (the male lead).

This is a take!

When I wasn't "acting" I hop to my actual job back and forth (lumalagare!). As you can see, I was still in costume with a pen and clipboard at hand. While other sequences were being taken, I had to make sure that the actors' costumes are complete and the clothes inventory is closely monitored.

Watching a scene.

Next time, I'll post more old Filipino fashion using my researched images. I fell in love with how Filipinos match plaids with stripes, how they love burst of prints and over-sized clothing.

Photos by: JR Espejo

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  1. You look so cute in your behind-the-scene outfit and you look radiant as a real dalagang Pilipina. Bagay sa 'yo ang costume. And I love these set of images, my fave is the last one. xoxo

  2. aaahh this is beautiful!! :D i meant you in that maria clara dress! :D equally stunning in your funky shirt dress and sneaks!! :D

    Animated Confessions

  3. @ Leah: Thanks so much for appreciating my transformation. Haha.

    @Sybil: Thanks! Haha. I'm not expecting both looks to be equally great on me.

    @yoli: Thanks so much!

  4. Nice blog, :) i speacially love the header.

  5. hi! ang exciting and creative naman ng work mo, i love it :) abangan ko the post about filipiana costumes :)

    Parade of Dresses


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