Gaga ooh lala comeback

6:29 PM

All smiles! Finally, a stress free day. More of this outfit later.

Black tunic
| Silver Jacket
Thrifted | Printed leggings Pasay bazaar | Bangle and ring Quiapo
Watch Anne Klein
| Beanie Thrifted | Bag Maison Gilfy | Lady Gaga inspired pumps

Missed much.

After more than two weeks of blogging and online shop handling hiatus, I am in a return from the exhausting (extended much) shooting schedule of the indie film that I work for. Details of this part-time job are in my previous post. Partly, I'm in celebration because of the fact that pre-prod and prod (prod - short for production) days and nights are finally over.

However, my job isn't finished yet. My boyfriend and I were assigned to put together a short documentary about Komedya (a Filipino traditional play), particularly Moro-moro (a Komedya concentrating on the conflict between Christians and Muslims) as a primer of some sort for the movie.

Some snaps from the San Dionisio moro-moro JR and I watched.
Direk Mario O' Hara was a guest of honor.

Relevance? FYI: Andres Bonifacio (a Filipino hero) is a Moro-moro actor. Aside from the fact that he is the Supremo of the Katipunan (KKK - a Filipino secret society of revolutionary men and women during the time of Spanish colonization in the Philippines), he is also a writer and a performer who enticed additional KKK members through embedded radical ideas and messages of insurgency through this form of theatrical productions in local town plazas.

The making of the documentary is still on hold while we finish enrolling for this first semester. As soon as we finish school matters, we have to immediately brainstorm and go back to work to get the documentary and the credits shoot for the movie done ASAP before school starts (on June 10). So basically there's less than one week left for us.

though my mind is still basically filled with work, I had a day to unwind and spend some quality time with my boyfriend. We hung around at his place, killed time by playing xbox and ate dinner with his family. Thanks to yesterday's rainy weather, I was able to wear my never-worn silver jacket (took me years to wait! pun intended.) and white beanie.

Ever since the accident, I started purchasing a lot of black opaque and sheer tights, and leggings (of various types). This printed one I got from Pasay bazaar for only P75 (cheap much)! Bought it without thought since Divisoria stalls sell it for at least P100 and up. I know, I was really inspired by Gizelle and yes, I love her. I really do (been really following her)! But as of now, I'm not yet comfortable wearing my shorts and skirts without trying to hide my scars (been trying to perfect the make-up trick).

A real outfit post - one of the things I really missed on doing ever since I took the job. But more than that, I long the luxury of time I used to have to write pieces that really come from the heart. In my livejournal blog (and even personal diary), I remember how I allot a big fraction of my hours in writing; in my diary's case, scrapbooking. Now, there seems to be so little time. 24 hours will never be enough for a busy bee.

How about you? Have you missed something you really love doing? Reconnect with old friends, do your long lost hobby (you may even surprise yourself!) You don't need more time. Just FIND TIME for it.

PS. Expect more shoot/work related posts. Though I have to preserve the secrecy of the film, I guess I could share a few without revealing too much. I have a lot of photos kasi na I really want to share! BTW, don't you just love my site's new banner and buttons? Haha. Have a happy weekend! (30)

Photos by: JR Espejo

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  1. Hi there! Your blog is so exciting. I'm also interested in film. Your part time job looks really cool. Love the outfit! Your leggings and hat are darling! Following you now...

    maybe come follow me too :)

  2. Lovin your outfit! Ang nice ng leggings mo. Oh, and..Welcome back Melai! :D

    Lee []

  3. aaahhh! how cool.. i have some friends back there who are so into plays and theater.. most of them are working for the Rent adaption one. I'm totally missing the filipino plays!!

    as for your outfit, i think your shoes are wicked cool!!!! the heels are insanely gaga-esque! love it! :D

    Animated Confessions

  4. @ Bug: Hey thanks for dropping by my blog! I appreciate it. I'm followin you now :)

    @ Lee: Thanks for the welcome dearie :)

  5. oh those shoes!

    congrats! it's a wrap but i wish you more in the future.

  6. Wow, where did you get those shoes? I love it!!!

    And those images from your play are brilliant... love the costumes. Good work Melai!

    Have a great day! xoxo

  7. those shoes are INSANE, Melai! but gorgeous. i don't think i'm brave enough to walk around in those, but you look good in them! are they comfortable?

    thank you for your sweet comment on my blog, btw! read through a few of your past posts, & you seem like a super amazing & fun person, so i'm definitely going to follow you on Bloglovin. :D

    also, you study in UP? my boyfriend studies there as well. :)

  8. Wow, look at your shoes, cool!

  9. Those shoes are crrazy! How was it to walk in them? Such a statement piece! I like your leather bag best though-so tough :)

    The work you're doing sounds real fun and cool. I love watching productions but I prefer to work bag stage. :P

    B from A plus B

  10. those heels of yours are just adorable <3<3<3

    eclectic du jour

  11. You look ADORABLE.

    I seriously had to do a double take on your shoes. They. Are. AMAZING.

    And your job sounds super interesting and fun!

    Thanks so much for stopping by!

  12. @ denise and leah: Super thanks sa support :) aaaaw really appreciate words of encouragement. Kahit simpleng you can do it and good job, I really love it. Thanks!

    @dotie: Thanks for dropping by! Cool site. Will check you out again and again. :)

  13. i love your studded bag!!
    and hey youre pinay?? :D


  14. Melai, there's this 8 Questions game and I tagged you! Please check out my blog.. :)

    Lovelots, Lee {}

  15. OMGEEEE. INGGIT ako. san ,m nabili yung shoes?
    love et....

  16. @ Lee: Thanks! I'd prepare a post of that one of these days :)

    @ Karl: Mas inggit ako sa wardrobe mo :) Got the shoes sa isang ukay store in Pasay. Dunno the name, hilera kasi sila tapos I just went it. Bought it impulsively!

    TO ALL:
    The shoes are not super comfortable but wearable. My feet do not hurt for a few hours let's say one - three. But I bet my life that my feet will die if I wear it the whole day. It feels like wearing sky-high pumps. I'm almost at tiptoe inside :) But still, for the love of lady gaga. The shoes are worth it :)

  17. Love the shoes so much! :)


  18. cute heels,cute jacket,cute all over (^^)
    tq for the comment earier

  19. love your shoes very much..

    wanna exchange link and or follow me??

  20. I so love your bag and leggings!!! ;)

    <3 Christine

  21. link me as miss
    yes,,yellow ring is mickey mouse ring..

  22. you have such a unique blend of style !
    also love ur bag and shoes dalring :)

    nice pics !
    thanks for stopping by at my blog

  23. awww, i'm touched that you got inspired by me...
    when you're already ready to wear skirts and shorts, can i have your tights??? i sooo love them..hehehe. and your shoes, they look like your tip-toeing on sequins..magic!

    ps. love the bag too..hey, i love everything about the outfit, really.

    ♥ vanilla ice cream ♥

  24. I love this edgy cool look
    great style
    and wow, that play looks interesting, esp. that lion scene, yeesh!


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