#FloodsPH: How Can You Help?

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Relentless monsoon downpour since yesterday caused massive waist-deep flooding in most parts of Metro Manila and other nearby provinces. A lot of the areas in NCR (National Capital Region) has been flooded;  forcing tens of thousands of families to evacuate, immobilizing schools and office operations and leaving a number of casualties according to news reports.

This is another heartbreaking catastrophe for the Philippines. Some of our fellowmen have never gotten over the past tropical storm Ondoy disaster in 2009 and Sendong just last year and yet, our country has experienced another deluge once again which has been reported to have surpassed the previous Ondoy rainfall record. (source)

As we continue to pray for the Philippines, let's not feel helpless because even in our own little way, for sure, there's something we can do -- whether it's donating goods, disseminating news and information, volunteering for relief operations or if there's anything else you have in mind, go ahead.

Illustration by Anjo Aborlada

I've collated below some ways in which you can lend a helping hand plus other useful information. Click on "read more" to see your options. As the saying goes, "If there's a will, there's a way." 

P.S. As some people say and I agree, this disaster is not about you. Don't help just because you seek acknowledgment or just so you feel good about yourself in the process of doing so. God knows your intentions. Posting about ways to help encourages and motivates others to follow suit but like what Patty Laurel said, it's disappointing how others use this tragedy for their own agenda or "self promotion".

There are many ways in which you can help. Going to Red Cross is one of the your first options. In the fashion blogging scene, local celebrity Divine Lee used her influence and resources to organize relief efforts together with some of her friends in the industry. Meanwhile, a lot of other institutions (schools, churches, charitable organizations) organized their very own relief efforts. Here are some of them. I suggest you go to one that's most convenient to you.

Moonleaf Tea Shop (supported by Bloggers United) will be accepting relief goods starting August 8, 2012 at its Maginhawa Branch.

Remember, "Knowledge is power." Here are some infographics for you:

Lastly, here are some important numbers in case of emergencies.

This is really a tough time for the country. In moments like this, we then realize that it's only God who we can call out to.

This post will be further updated. However, if you need other sources, it's very easy to google away and do your research. :) The Philippines has gone through so much since time immemorial but we have healed and after this, we will continue to move forward. 

God bless our country especially our fellowmen who were gravely affected by the floods as well as those who braved the rain in order to save those in need of rescue and aid.


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