S/S 2012 Make-up Trend: Pastel Romance

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Summer is just around the corner and I've already been preparing my wardrobe for this season. Since I've been expecting the hot and humid weather, my upcoming outfits would be mostly chiffon dresses, sheer blouses and a lot of shorts - all in yummy colors. 

It never really occurred to me that I should ready my "make-up" for the season too, not until I was invited to the launch of Face Shop's Spring Trend Line called Pastel Romance. Aside from the fashion must-haves when it comes to clothing, the event reminded me that there are beauty trends that I should consider too when it comes to sporting my summer style.

In lieu with introducing this new collection, Face Shop conducted a makeover event which also featured a helpful tutorial on how to apply make-up in general. For this event's purpose though, the workshop focused more on utilizing the palette of the Pastel Romance line.

Keep it Romantic All Summer
From the name of the line itself, Pastel Romance is a "romantic" look inspired by the "soft pastel and velvety hues of spring floral blossoms." It looks light, fresh and all-natural. For the eyes, the key colors of the shadow treatment are "dusty rose and opaque lilac". The cheeks on the other hand, are emphasized using a combination of pink and peach blush for a natural flush on the skin. Use a highlighter is for that healthy glowing skin and rosy pink lips will definitely complete the whole look. (Source: PR)

Beauty 101
Since I'm not really into make-up but more into clothes, it's a good thing that the event included a quick demo which provided useful and practical make-up tips from the Face Shop's resident expert, Ms. Marge Apacible.

Ms. Marge Apacible conducting the demo with model Janelle Santos
Bloggers listening carefully and watching attentively

Workshop lessons for that day:
1) The "BB" in BB Cream originally meant "Blemish Balm". But since it can now be used not just to cover blemishes but to even out the skin as a whole, the meaning now stands for "Beauty Balm". Anyway, the real tip here is to apply a darker shade of powder to blend if the BB cream you're using has a lighter tone than your complexion.

2) Application of eye shadow should always be outward goin in. That way, the color for the outer creases is darker and becomes lighter towards the corner of the eye.

3) Always blend the eye shadow colors! Make sure the difference from where the other color starts isn't obvious.

4) Curl your eye lashes first before applying mascara (or your false eye lashes). BTW, if you feel like using fake lashes everyday, just go for it. It's now acceptable these days.

5) Connect the upper eye liner to the lower eye liner on the side (corner). Apply as near as the lash line as possible. When doing the cat-eye style of eye line, always consider the shape of your face first. Make sure the angle of the line looks like a connected extension of the lower lash line heading towards the temple.

6) There are no rules to wearing any shade of lipstick now! Wear any color at any time of the day.

7) For the face, less contouring and more highlighting! This, I also agree with.

Makeover Time
After the demo, each blogger was treated to a spring look fitting each one's persona and style. According to Face Shop guru Marge Apacible, the whole make-up team of the brand's Philippine arm were all trained in Korea.

All of us had a make-over after! Fun!
I don't have a decent photo of how I look after the make-over. Well never mind me! I think the model (Janelle) would best justify the new spring/summer beauty trend from Face Shop. Isn't she lovely? The change was really subtle but she came out fresh, feminine and beautiful. Try this look on yourself! 


To complete the entire look, curl your hair and add a floral accessory to finish it off. 

This season, achieve this fabulous yet sweet, Korean cutie look with Face Shop's Pastel Romance collection! Learn more on how to do this make-up by visiting Face Shop's main branches every Friday - Saturday this February (Glorietta, Greenbelt, Trinoma, SM North, The Block etc.) for an open workshop and for more, a free make-over! 

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