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Most of you might already have plans for the big V-day tomorrow. However, I have this strong feeling that a lot of you still have no idea where to go and/or are probably going to choose your date place at the very last minute. If you haven't decided yet, I highly suggest you to go to Marriott Cafe!

Last week, I welcomed an exclusive blogger invitation and went there with my boyfriend for a pre-Valentine lunch. Just so you know, JR is the only one who's fond of eat-all-you-can banquets. Unfortunately for me, I usually can finish one serving only which totally defeats the purpose of eating in these kinds of restaurants. To my surprise, my trip to Marriott Cafe in Resorts World Manila was the first time that I genuinely appreciated and enjoyed a buffet set-up. 

Imagine when I got home, I couldn't stop talking about it to my family and friends. Until now, I couldn't forget about its extensive food selection that are all tasty and stellar in quality.

My own photos didn't do its food enough justice and so for this entry, I'm stealing yet crediting the amazing photos of lifestyle blogger Dennison Uy of Audio Visual Junkie.

Marriott Cafe has over 14 stations from appetizer to dessert and I don't really know where to begin. Let me start with JR's favorite - the meat stations! One of these is the Cru Steakhouse which offers family-size steak portions with sides of grilled veggies and carbs. Meat lovers will definitely be delighted to choose among Angus beef rib eye, strip loin steak, foie gras, grilled tiger prawns and calamari, and lapu-lapu with choices of marinade sauce.   

The Carving Counter focuses on the Australian prime rib with roasted lamb and traditional lechon served with sauces, condiments and salsas.

My boyfriend particularly loved this station because it also served foie gras, a luxury dish which originated from French cuisine, which is made of fattened duck or goose's liver. JR shared that during his stay in France, he wasn't able to afford this due to its very steep price. On this food trip, he seized the moment and got two pieces on his plate!

As thrilling as all the meat looked like, there was nothing more exciting to me than the shells and seafood section. Now that's my favorite! It contains lobsters, tiger prawns, clams, oysters, salmon, Japanese sashimi, wicked rolls and lot of other exotic choices like octopus, blue crab, New Zealand mussels and a whole lot more.

Marriott Cafe also has a unique pasta bar called Antonio's which features Italian specialties that are all cooked right before your eyes. You can actually see the chefs making the pasta noodles out of scratch using dough. Unlike other buffets wherein the pasta doesn't taste good anymore because it has been sitting on the counter for hours, at Marriott, all the high-end ingredients are laid down and the customer picks a pasta on the menu. The chef will then whip it up and serve it hot and fresh!

Other than pasta, Antonio's also offers other mouthwatering Italian dishes like pumpkin tortellini's, spinach gnocchi, salmon and cream cheese ravioli with truffle paste (I love this!), risotto and fresh truffles. The station's menu changes every week so each visit remains exciting!

Of course, expect the standard buffet sections to be present as well - a definite epicurean treat: Yakitori, Tandoor, Chinese, Chowder, Gourmet Salumiere, Cheese Studio, Salad Bar and Desserts.

Yakitori brings to the table Japanese grilled chicken parts
Tandoorisome Asian bestsellers here are tandoori chicken, Dal makhani and naan w/ chutneys
Chinese food area
Food items in the Chowder or soup station are also cooked fresh upon ordering
Gourmet Salumiere features a selection of premium ham and almost all sorts of bread. 
Cheese Studio include various types of cheese.

Another stand-out area at  Marriott Cafe  is the wine and cocktails station. I'm not into alcoholic drinks but judging at how all the people got giddy in this area, it's safe to assume that this is indeed a hit among Marriott's clientele. 

The Martini Bar allows you to have your own personalized drink!
You won't believe how delectable, hefty the dishes (that I've tried) are. Since I'm not much of an eater unlike my boyfriend, I only got the pasta, seafood and steak but overall, I liked what I've had. 

After all that cosmic appetizer-main course goodness, never forget to save some space for desserts! It has a great variety of pastries and baked treats of flans, cakes, pies and brownies. You may also choose among its wide assortment of yummy gellato variants.

Before I end this entry, I saved the best station for last - the Chocolate Room! If you have any plans of getting your loved one some expensive box of chocolates, skip that and bring her/him here instead! This area will  enthuse both kids and adults, or even bring out the child in you with its jam-packed room of heavenly selection of chocolates! 

Cap off your fine dining experience with these sinful sweets. To name a few, there were raspberry ganache pound cake, milk chocolate mouse with caramel, Maracaibo chocolate cheesecake, brownies, choco chip cookies, truffles, pecan tart and chocolate macarons! The grand chocolate fountain with condiments and fruits is such a tempting indulgence while clusters of 100% Belgian and Swiss chocolate bars gave me a different kind of sugar high. Magsawa ka hanggang maumay ka!

Left: You really have to pick out the macarons from this edible chocolate Sakura tree creation
There's white chocolate too!
For a more lavish appeal, Marriott Cafe's chocolate room has a special and picture-worthy attraction - a life-size, decadent chocolate covered ambassador! I freaked out when I found out that it was a real person but after some thought, hey I changed my mind. How cool was that?!

You won't believe how long we stayed there just to eat - three whole hours! Haha. For a brunch buffet price of P2,000/head every Sunday, you really have to make every peso count. I know, it's pricey for some of my budget-conscious readers. But when you save up for it, you'll discover that it's worth the food quality, elegant and classy ambiance and the total fine dining experience. Of course, if times are really tight, just go here for that very special occasion this year. Definitely a must-try!

It's the best buffet that I've had so far. I still have a hang over, can't wait to go back!

Special thanks to Anton Carranza, Savannah Santiago and Marriott Cafe for the generous accommodation. 
Photo Credits: Dennison Uy of Audio Visual Junkie

No. 10, Newport Blvd., Marriott Hotel Manila, Newport City Complex
Pasay, Metro Manila, Philippines
Contact: 988-9990

VALENTINE'S PROMO: Avail the room package from February 13 to 15 for P12,500 which includes buffet breakfast for two and tickets to Seasons of Love or Love Valentine concert at the Newport Performing Arts Theater.


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  1. Looks yummy! nakakagutom :) Haha.


    1. It doesn't just look yummy! The food selection are delicious! :)

  2. Drooling over all these!! :) I'm sure the Php2000's so worth it! ♥


    1. Yes worth it naman. Just stay there long para sulit na sulit :)

  3. Hahah "stealing" talaga Melai? :) Was nice to meet you and JR. See you in future events! :)

    1. Thanks for your photos! :) They look GREAT talaga!

  4. Aaaah! You got me drooling! :)


    1. Hehehe :) I know nakakatakam talaga kasi :)

  5. OMG!! I love it! Mahal nga ang 2k, but if I can stay as much as three hours, sulit na! Will tell my family about this :D Thanks!

    Almira :)

    1. Yeah go there on a very special day! I know 2k is a bit pricey on a regular lunch out. So ayun :)

  6. Awesome! Thanks for sharing Melai :) My guy LOVES buffets too. We should definitely check this one out!

  7. I loved very much the food. super enjoyed eating^_^


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