Commuting in Style: Applying it in real life

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My very first set of tips in my Commuting in Style segment garnered many views and feedback and I'd really like to thank my readers for being supportive. The feeling of being relevant to a group of people is overwhelming and this has inspired me to keep on writing for this blog series whenever I have the time.

For another Commuting in Style segment, I'll take a break from the usual how-to format and show you the "application" of the things that I've talked about in my past blog entries. But before everything else, here's what I was caught wearing: sheer tunic with floral bodycon dress worn underneath, F-STOP boots and my everyday bag.

Sheer tunic Thrifted | Floral bodycon dress (underneath) c/o Closet Chic | Boots F-STOP | Necklace c/o Diva 
"Commuting in Style" Tip of the Week:
Never mind repeating items for forever.
Just in case you haven't notice, I've been using the same Accessorize gray messenger bag for so many outfits already. So many that I lost count on how often I've used it. For budget and fashionista commuters like me (raise your hand), conscious spending and practicality is our lifestyle. Never be ashamed to keep on repeating and repeating and repeating. It doesn't make you less of a person and not even close to being less fashionable if you do.

To those who can afford having too many bags, that they can change everyday for about a month (or more), this is a totally different story. Sometimes I even find it funny when other people tell you it's "okay" to repeat clothes only to find out they've only worn a certain item twice, thrice or a few counts more. Regular people repeat outfits for as long as they like.

To refresh your memories, here are my previous tips:
1. Safety always comes FIRST.
2. Never forget your flats.
3. Don't get your bling on yet.
4. Save your stylish self for later.

To read more details about each tip, make sure you check my entry, Commuting in Style: How I balance fashion, comfort and safety (click on the link). And for you to see how I actually look while I commute... tadah!

The change is really subtle but little details like these make commuting safer without totally compromising your sense of style. 
Above is a before-and-after photo to give you an idea. And oh, one last tip: find a really stylish bag that'll fit your heels. I'm carrying a studded one so it's really not that obvious. I know, bringing another bag seems too much of a hassle but who ever said things are way too easy? It's not. It never is. If you want to be a fashionista, well, magtiis-ganda ka, haha!

P.S. I haven't chosen a giveaway winner yet. I'm still finding the time to collate all entries. Hope you can still wait! Thanks guys! :) 


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  1. "Never be ashamed to keep on repeating and repeating and repeating. It doesn't make you less of a person and not even close to being less fashionable if you do."

    I agree :) I really like your commuting in style posts! Keep it up~

  2. Agree with everything you said, Melai! :) It's not bad to repeat clothes. I think it was Coco Chanel (correct me if I'm wrong) who said that clothes are meant to be worn, not kept. ♥ Looking forward to your commuting in style posts! Love your look!


  3. I totally agree with everything! I am inspired by what you said! I am now looking forward on reading your commuting in style posts. :)

  4. "Safety always comes first!" Ah, I so agree! Lalo pa't I always travel in MRT/Ayala alone. In fact, masyado na akong nasanay sa mataray face to fend off guys kaya pati friends ko natatarayan na sa akin haha!

    Almira :)

  5. Love it!! And fab Shoes!

  6. I can so relate with this post. Kevs nalang talaga minsan when I forget bringing flats. Riding a cab is pricey for everyday work. I can save the money for one pair of shoes. Also, I'm happy that I'm not the only one repeating accessories. Been using my SM Parisian bag all the time, actually everyday pala.


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