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Four years after its release, ICHIGO, a line of quality shoes, bags and accessories, continues to establish itself as a strong brand in the Philippine fashion industry. Its owner and designer Charlene Yap has captured the hearts of Philippine-based fashion bloggers and a niche of young and stylish Filipina women.

From a mere bazaar and online store (, the brand at present, has opened six actual stores all over Metro Manila and four in provincial areas. Despite this achieved expansion, it remains persistent to further improve itself and its designs for greater success in the future.

ICHIGO’s most favored products are its array of feminine, fashion-forward and interesting shoes. Taking inspiration from the highly individual and experimental Japanese fashion sense, Ichigo offers styles that keep up, if not anticipate trends. Aside from the innovative and unique styles of their heels and wedges, they feature classic footwear like flats and oxfords with a twist by using distinctively fresh and modern details.

And their latest addition to the family? Cute footsies for children c/o Tiny Ichigo!

But more than fashion, the brand never compromises comfort and durability while maintaining knock-out and reasonable prices.

Ichigo bags are recommended best-buys as well. Its collection of oversized, sling, and laptop bags from a mix of adorably printed fabrics, patent, faux and croc leather will surely tickle any fashionista’s fancy. The brand prides in well-thought and well-made items with only the best raw materials outsourced from Philippines and China.

Ichigo’s steady rise in the market has caught the attention of top lifestyle and fashion magazines; plus, a large number of loyal following. Despite this achievement, Charlene keeps herself grounded. She makes herself accessible to sponsoring fashion blogs and looks out for other venues to sell her line.

Without resting on her laurels, Charlene consistently pushes the threshold by churning out up-to-date designs and searching for novel materials to work with in order to put Ichigo in the fashion map here and abroad.

(c)Melai Entuna

Photos by Melai Entuna & courtesy of Ichigo

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  1. So many fabulous shoes! Thanks for the introduction to the company!

  2. I honestly love Ichigo shoes and I find myself checking them out everytime I'm in Greenhills. I was pretty surprised when I saw shoes for children! I think its adorable.

    I'm gonna have to buy myself a new pair!

    Great post and photos, Melai!

  3. lovely photos!!! melai, what's the model of the SLR cam that you're using? thanks! :)

  4. Love the shoes!!!!
    It's a pity that I
    can't buy them. Like
    your blog.


  5. I love Ichigo! I bought a pair of wedge online and I really adore it. :)

  6. i soo love ichigo! i never fail to visit their site everyday!

  7. wow Ichigo have such some fabulous shoes!
    cute blog :)

    check out mine and i'd appreciate your comment :)


  8. I love Ichigo! I used to go to the faraway place called Greenhills just to visit their store and hoard shoes!!! <3

  9. i love ICHIGO! especially their brogues. i´ll hoard once i come back. ;)

    xoxo Mode Junkie

  10. love the shoes!!! :) great post melai! :)


  11. those shoes are AMAZING. Great post!

  12. Thks for your comment !
    Wowwwww. All these shoes, it's amazingggggg !!
    I'm dreaming ! :p
    It will be nice that you follow me !

  13. those ichigo shoes are totally adorable 1
    loving the boots very much !

    glistersandblisters dot com

  14. i love ichigo! i always check their site but most of the shoes i like are either sold out or my size isn't available. ^^

  15. I absolutely love ichigo! Actually planning to buy a pair of kenny oxfords on thursday!:) I just hope they still have it at ramp =p

    Love your piece on ichigo, melai! Btw, which branch is this?

  16. Melai!Miss you! When will we meet na? BTW thanks for dropping by my blog! Ooh pag nagkita tyo Melai, samahan mo ko ICHIGO I am planning to buy wedges and a bag :)

  17. ichigo is to die for! i love their oxfords! and its cheap too!!!

  18. I have never heard about this line of products not until I started exchanging links with blogs...maybe because being in Cebu is a different thing...

    this makes me think of Nena a local brand here in Thailand that carries this kind of designs as well....

    There shoes are really nice...and the designs are unique as well...

    great post love



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