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The first day of the year is like an ordinary day to me special. I've come to learn to see everyday as a significant part of my life. Granted that there are no fireworks or feast every single day, just knowing that I am alive while others breathe their last, is already a blessing. I'm not exactly an optimistic person because I don't keep my hopes up or my expectations too high, rather, I'm realistic enough to appreciate life as it is and whatever it may bring both good and bad. 

2012 was a year of changing perspectives. I've grown to be a more positive person, in a sense that, there's always something I'm thankful for no matter how petty it is. This major shift in the way I look at life helped me to stop focusing on the things that I lack and instead, notice the abundance of simple pleasures that I've been blessed with.

My new year's outfit felt a lot like Christmas, haha.

The moment I stopped feeling sorry for myself was the time I found myself in high spirits and free of stress. There are a lot of things in this world that I cannot change. And so, I chose to change what I can myself. Just to make it clear, the last thing I want to do is claim to be good person or someone better than anyone else. I'm not. I'm merely celebrating myself as it is raw and imperfect but happy and contented.

A huge part of this process has something to do with me, detaching myself from this blog. I haven't updated much this year. Cecile of Chuvaness.com and I share the same dilemma, we've lost our mojo to blog. Although I've been past this phase while she has just started (read her entry here), I understand the need for her to step back and think about what's important for her. I know so because I've been there. 

While I wait in excitement for more awesome experiences 2013 has to offer, let's catch up on a few of the wonderful things I failed to share with you.    

Before I give you a quick recap of some of the things I haven't had the chance to blog about, here are a few more details of my outfit.

Instead of wearing the usual polka-dotted frock, I opted to go with a blazer that has circular sequins on the sleeves and paired it with this simple red dress (for good luck, I hope).  All my accessories are from Singapore and in my next few posts, I'll tell you where exactly in SG can you buy these. *wink*

* * * * * * * * * * *

1) This year was filled with hosting projects big and small. It's great that I was able to practice my broadcast communication course and apply it to an actual work. What's amazing about it is that I get to do something I really enjoy during my free time. My most unforgettable stints include hosting for SM Kids' Fashion 'Crazy for Colors' summer caravan, where I got the chance to visit a lot of SM branches in various provinces and having a segment during the grand Hello Kitty Fashion Show by Sanrio and SM North Edsa.

Hosted ZenZest's Diva Off party and interviewed Ms. Divine Lee! Photo taken from Chai.
Hosting for one of my regular clients, SM Department Store!
Did back-to-back jobs as head stylist and segment host of Barbie F/W 2012 Fashion Show in MOA!
Fully booked last April - May for SM's 'Crazy for Colors' summer caravan!

2) If I have to pin down the major reason why went missing-in-action from blogging, it was mostly because  I devoted my full attention to indie filmmaking and video productions. 2012 taught me the value of setting my priorities straight. After careful thought, I decided that blogging is last thing I want to do.

Some of the films I participated in were Cinemalaya's Mumunting Lihim, The Fictionaut, Sineng Pambansa's Kapitan Basura, Cinema One's Mamay Umeng , MMFF's Si Agimat, Si Enteng at Si Ako and Hello World! I was also blessed to have several commercial and video projects with companies like Megaworld and Globe Telecom.

  Bembol Rocco and Upeng Fernandez play the role of an old couple in Fictonaut.
 With Direk Joey at Cinemalaya's Mumunting Lihim press conference.

3) Despite being inactive in blogging, I still scored a couple of blogger projects not because of popularity but because of my content. I'm deeply humbled with all the opportunities that I was given and I feel nothing but gratefulness for the trust and confidence these clients have put in me. Some of my memorable collaborators were Wrangler, AirAsia Philippines and AirAsiaGo, OctoArts Films, Nail It! plus Fashion Exchange and Sundance.

4) Styling isn't exactly my cup of tea but for some reason, the universe has conspired! A lot of people think I'm a legitimate stylist when in fact I'm just a mere hobbyist. I never wanted a job related to fashion but I'm thankful because I have an option if I wanted to shift careers. I'm beyond thankful for being able to head three major fashion shows and be Solenn Heussaff's stylist (under GMA News TV) for almost half a year now.

Elle Kids summer collection
Barbie Philippines' F/W collection
Elle Kids F/W collection

There's still so much to share but let's just leave it at that for now. Looking forward to all the things in store for us this 2013! And it's never too late to greet you a very happy new year! 


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  1. Great NY outfit :)
    I love sparkle jacket :)

    I'm following You now :)
    You can follow me if You can :)


    Kisses from Poland XO

    1. Kamila! Thanks for following :) Appreciate it! :)

  2. Melai, thanks for visiting my blog. It's my first to your blog and I like it. I want to be a stylist like you too!! <3

    xx Diana

    1. Hi Diana! Thanks for dropping by my blog! Sure, you can come to my shoots or styling stints if you want :)

  3. Your styling work is actually quite lovely!! May you have a wonderful 2013 ahead of you! <3

    ♡ Valerie | Quietgirl.net

  4. i love your outfit and background!:) congratulations on all your achievements, melai!:) I'm happy that 2012 has taken a good toll on you with all the great work and opportunities! More for you this 2013!! Love you and misss you!!

  5. Reading this recap post made me smile! :) I remember your "change of heart" (or too strong) posts and I'm so glad you're starting 2013 with such a positive outlook. And see, wow, ang daming mong na-achieve this year. :) So keep doing what you love and everything will follow. Congrats on all the projects. For, you I pray for more more more. (Sana ako din pala maulanan pa ng more projects). <3

  6. Hi Ate Melai! I really enjoyed reading this post. It's interesting and at the same time, I learned a lot from it. Congratulations on these great achievements. With your determination, wit and positivism, you have a long way to go. Enjoy life and please don't stop blogging. :)


  7. That outfit is so cute!!
    Much love,


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