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I'm writing this entry as a sequel to my previous blog post, A few things I learned from Direk Joey Reyes. Last November 30, an intimate group of bloggers had the chance to meet one of the most bankable comedy actresses of today, someone who is chameleon enough to play either lead or support, for indie films or mainstream cinema,  none other than Eugene Domingo.

Spotted before the event: Director of My House Husband, Joey Reyes and host Shalala
Before Direk Joey leaves, the bloggers request both for a photo.
Before the bloggers con, comedy host Shalala got to interview Eugene for showbiz chika show Juicy!
Gluta Max giveaways were given to the bloggers.
The event was sponsored by Kenny Rogers, Katipunan 
The bloggers conference was produced by OctoArts films (in cooperation with Bloggers United) as part of their social media promotions for My House Husband, a local movie entry to this year's upcoming Metro Manila Film Festival. It is a real-life and family oriented dramedy about Rod (Ryan Agoncillo), a man who lost his job and is forced by circumstances to do the household work while his wife Mia (Judy Ann Santos) has to be the one to take on the role of the provider. Together, they face the struggles of this dilemma brought about by the reversal of roles in the family and how they've accepted and dealt with the situation at hand.

Screen cap of the movie trailer
In this movie,  Eugene Domingo  will play the role of Aida, Rod's next-door neighbor, who will eventually become one of his close friends and from there we have the "other woman." The bond that they (Rod and Aida) have formed will stir up the couple's relationship as Mia turns green with envy and at the same time provide the film a hilarious touch.

Thank you Lord for my hosting stints and exposure! Thank you so much for the blessings :)
Going back to the bloggers conference, saying that "It was fun," is a mere understatement. We all had a blast as we laughed our asses off to Eugene's jokes and sarcastic but comical banats (remarks). I remember, the first time I saw her was during the premiere of Amigo, a fil-am indie film by John Sales. There I was photo covering the event and I bet, not in a million years would she ever remember that I once took her photo. Haha.

The event gave me the chance to interact with her and get up-close and personal. She was candid and natural. And so far, mukha talagang walang halong ka-plastikan. She was straight-forward in her answers and she spoke with eloquence and intelligence. I'm not the biggest Eugene Domingo fan but I always have the utmost respect for successful individuals like her who have achieved so much because of their hard work. 

It's not about being a so-called "fan" but giving respect and high admiration for people who have lived to set out a good example to those who want to accomplish so much in their lives. I look up to her not only because we are schoolmates (go UP! Haha), but also because she has risen above from the bottom of the food chain, from being an extra (e.g. playing roles of a house maid), to being a side kick, to now being a total star taking on lead roles, endorsements, hosting TV shows, magazine editorials, and so on and so forth. Indeed, she has come a long way and all I can say is "Wow, sana ako rin, one day."

Listening keenly to her answers, I absorbed as much (minsan lang to!) as I can and took note of every sensible statements she said. And just like our bloggerscon with Direk Joey, I also learned a lot of new things and pieces of advice that I'm happy to keep in mind as I live my young years, as I work my hardest to attain all my goals and dreams in life.

When I got home, I scribbled in my planner the what-I-call Steps on how to be the next Eugene Domingo "Ingredients of a Successful Career" from Ms. Eugene Domingo (Haha!)

1. Just be natural
What makes Eugene Domingo THE Eugene Domingo? Simple. What you see is what you get. She lets her true character and personality come out without any inhibitions. She's not image-oriented but more on doing her job and doing it well.

2. Be the master of yourself
She is one of the very few who can jump ship from one network to another with ease, without burning any bridges. It's quite amazing how she made it possible, to be a Kapamilya, Kapuso and Kapatid all at the same time, in short, "Kabakla" (Kabahagi Ka ng Lahat). How did she become a non-exclusive artist? She  said the key was being honest and sincere to her bosses when she asks permission to do work for other networks. She values her freedom as an artist and she believes that life is meant to be enjoyed and so, she decided to be a freelancer and be her own boss instead.

Eugene with her bosses Orly Ilacad and Cat Ilacad of OctoArts Films
3. There is no small role
Despite her current achieved status,  Eugene Domingo  is happy to take on any role as long as she has work and there is good material (script) for it. She said that the only time she would probably refuse is when she has played a certain type of character so many times that she gets sick of doing it and would want to experiment on other roles for a change.

4. Stay humble and grounded
Eugene and I are on the same team when she said she is against unfair treatment, inequality and discrimination in the work place. She doesn't have that star complex (like most celebrities have) and she wants everyone in the business to be treated with respect whatever position they are in.

5. Talent, passion, patience and hard work is the real deal
Let's face it, Eugene isn't the sexiest nor the most beautiful in our roster of local celebrities. However, what makes her stellar is her confidence in the God-given talent that she has. She doesn't stop with just having a gift. Eugene makes sure she still studies in order to master her craft. Her tenacity to do all her projects and manage her schedule well is something that I truly commend. And most of all, she has waited  patiently for her biggest breaks in God's time - making her one of the best that we have today.

Catch  Eugene Domingo  in  My House Husband movie with Judy Ann Santos and Ryan Agoncillo. Movie will open in cinemas on December 25.

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Photo Credits: Paul, John, Anton


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  1. nakakatuwa talaga si miss uge!

    Great entry! considering you're not the biggest fan, you definitely gave her a very beautiful write-up.. :)

  2. Thanks for sharing the "Ingredients of a Successful Career". This post is very inspirational. Reading it makes me want to work harder and be dedicated in everything that I do.

    Thanks! :D

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