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As part of cutting my back logs, let me share with you some of the movie premieres that I was able to attend to for the past few weeks. 

Twilight: Breaking Dawn (Part 1)
Moschino fragrance line sponsored a Breaking Dawn premiere last November 19 held at Eastwood City. The wonderful people from Prestige Brands Philippines invited a couple of bloggers to go. I went there with Bestie and Paul plus my boyfriend JR.

We forgot to bring our camera, hence the lack of personal photos in this post but I'm grateful that Prestige invited us because I wouldn't have watched the film if not for free. LOL. I know Twilight has a lot of fans world wide but I'm really just not one of them. I've heard from Paul that the book (version) was a really good read. However, I find the film just too cheesy for my taste.

I appreciate the honeymoon cinematography and the character's beautiful house in Brazil.
Along with the movie, a new fragrance was introduced to us - Moschino Forever. It's a timeless fragrance which represents the classic Moschino fashion - with elegance and irony. This is specially created for the classic man with a strong personality that enables him to be original and unique (source: press kit).

I love the linear and classic glass bottle with its signature Moschino logo on top.
The fragrance has a fresh, strong and sensual, citrus scent with accents of bergamot, kumquat, and star anise. It also has a spicy hint to it brought about by clary sage (herbal plant), tonka beans and black pepper together with a woody base concocted from sandalwood and musk (source: press kit). For you to further imagine what this perfume smells like, I linked its ingredients (above) so you would know what are these plants that I am talking about.

Again, thanks Moschino Forever and Prestige Brands Philippines for inviting us!

Won't Last a Day Without You
Our good friends Niche and Coy from Globe/Globe Tattoo invited us to the premiere night of Won't Last a Day Without You, the latest movie of pop singer Sarah Geronimo and male celebrity Gerald Anderson. Again, this movie is not my cup of tea but just for fun, I said yes and dragged (yet again) my boyfriend JR to accompany me. Too bad, some of my fellow bloggers from the Globe Tattoo LED billboard campaign weren't able to go because it was a last minute (day itself) invitation.

OMG. Megamall was PACKED with Sarah and Gerald's fans. They all went crazy at the sight of the movie's stars and cast. I couldn't take a decent photo and so, instead of waiting outside for the program, my boyfriend and I went inside the movie house and waited for more than an hour before it finally began. The invitation said 7PM but I think it started around 8:30PM na

The story revolves around DJ Heidi (Sarah G.), who gives love advice to radio listeners. One of her callers, Melissa (Megann Young) sought her guidance concerning her playboy boyfriend Andrew (Gerald A.) and Heidi promptly advised her to break up with him on nationwide radio. Angered and embarrassed by the incident, Andrew attempts to sue Heidi and to make up for it, she tries to patch things up between the couple. Turns out, this love-counselor-student-relationship resulted in them falling in love with each other.

I was surprisingly pleased with the movie. When I went there, I knew what I was getting myself into: another romantic-comedy oozing with cheesy and pa-cute scenes but the director made sure it was limited to a minimum and so it was tolerable. Sarah was incredibly funny and was a natural actress. The two had believable chemistry. 

It wasn't perfect (I hated the resolution towards the ending!) but kudos to the script writer for benta DJ dialogues and I'd like to thank the person responsible for casting Joey De Leon, who played Heidi's father in the film. Haha! His character, Pablo, a-once-stellar rock star who happened to be one of Andrew's idols, provided ample comic relief and astig factor to the movie. 

Happy to find a youtube video of the premiere night. Take a peek and see how gaga the fans went over these local celebrities. Haha. Di ko bet outfit ni Sarah, fuma-fashion police? Haha.

Thanks to Globe's Niche Dumlao and Coy Caballes for inviting us! We had fun. :)


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