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Just so you know, the following photos are from a month ago. I've been really trying my best to work on my backlogs because our busy schedule and pre-event tasks for Bloggers United Bazaar (Part 2) has kept me incredibly preoccupied, pressing me to take the past few weeks off blogging. 

But now that it's over, and we are back to normal till February (prep time for BU 3 probably, not sure yet), I'm finally back!

Couple photos. LOL. Bestie & Paul are not a couple, we just pair them up. Who knows! :)
Right: Aisa's partner, Mich!
We waited outside Republiq for quite a while. Pa'no ba naman kasi, they forgot their ID's! LOL.
Meet the newest blogger in town: Paul the PR Guy! He's Bestie's boss by the way, I can't believe it either. At age 27, he already has his own advertising and PR company (with a business partner). He looks preppy cute too! At last, we are having more and more male bloggers. For guys who want style inspiration for laid back and wearable office wear, take it from this boss! He knows how to dress humbly and when to keep it polished, modern and work appropriate. 

Looking great together guys! Uuuy. Hihi :) Both just got from work before going to the event.
I love Aisa! :) Pa-fierce lang si atey!
Satchel from F-STOP :)
Dress Thrifted | Satchel and belt F-STOP | Boots SM Dept. Store
Beaded bangle Bazaar | Printed bangle Tomato | Thin bracelets Diva
This cute yellow chiffon dress with purple polka dot prints and shoulder cut-outs was what I wore to the Carolina Hererra VIP Men fragrance launch event held at Republiq in Resorts World a month ago. I know, it looks too cute and sunny for a night of dancing and partying but I didn't really care. Haha. 

Of course I would be totally lying if I told you a part of me didn't feel awkward being surrounded by girls in sexy and flashy outfits. I kind of felt out of place at a certain point with this dress. However, blogger friends and the accommodating team of Prestige have made going to the event fun and worthwhile!


I'm going to miss this dress. Glad that it has found a new home during the Bloggers United Bazaar (Part 2)!

Super cute capsule of VIP 212 for women! :)

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  1. did i heard it right? BU3?

    ohmaygaaaaawd, that's awesome! i want to experience the fun!

    anyway, you look sweet as always ms.melai..



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