Christmas Gift Idea: Scents for the Season

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The latest scent that I've been sporting right now is the light and minty fragrance of Acqua Colonia from Prestige Brands Philippines. If you're not familiar with Prestige, the company handles branding, distribution and promotions of international fragrances here in the Philippines.

This holiday season, I'm sure it's that time of the year again wherein everyone's going gaga over what present to give to family and friends. And if you have the budget to spend, or for more... splurge (don't tell me I didn't warn you!) for your very special loved ones, you might want to consider giving out the gift of scent this Christmas.

Nina Ricci Elixir
One of the fragrances that I personally recommend to you is Nina L' Elixir, a fragrance dedicated to young ladies with chic, sassy and feminine eye for style. This perfume promises to be a "true love potion" that can attract the fancy of young princes on the look out for their princess - you! At the Bloggers United 2 event last weekend, I got a sample of Nina Ricci as well and I really liked its refreshingly light (very light actually) fruity and powdery scent.

Created by Olivier Cresp, its ingredients include red fruit, jasmine, lime and some traces of musk (source: press kit). It even comes in a lovely and oh-so-cute, apple-shaped bottle that I adore!

Acqua Colonia
This perfume definitely has earned my stamp of approval. I have been using its Melissa and Verdbena variant for a month now and I still love its light and minty lemon grass scent. I've written an in-depth review about the product so if you'd like to read more, just click this link!

PRICE: 170ml - P 2,500

VIP Men by Carolina Herrera
For the guys (yes there's something for men!), Carolina Herrera has come up with VIP Men, a masculine fragrance that's NOT the usual strong-smelling, in-your-face, manly scent. This I can vouch for. I attended  the brand's fragrance launch last month at Republiq in Resorts World and got a sample tube. It has a sweet scent with hint of liquor (gin and vodka, according to the press material) and a tropical zest to it. This is how I want my man to smell like. Ayoko kasi ng masyadong matapang.

VIP Men targets male party goers who love to go out clubbing at night. Surprisingly, a man doesn't have to be that type for this perfume to suit him. I've read Paul C's review of this perfume and he liked it very much and would even buy himself a bottle of his own. He also said it right, any guy who would wear this scent would smell yummy! Haha.

PRICE: 100ml - P 4,670 | 50ml - P 3,540

GUESS Seductive, I'm Yours
Guess Seductive is especially created for the passionate, confident and liberal woman. This fragrance has that luscious and exotic scent that can drive men to distraction and lure them into deep desire. It is beautifully packed in an appealing flask in color pink with fishnet graphics.

I remember a guy's story about a mysterious girl that lived next door in his building. He has never seen her but every time he walks down the stairs in the morning, he could smell her scent. And from then on, he couldn't wait to once and for all, finally meet her. 

This scent is for that kind of woman - the one who can attract men with her mere scent. It is also for the modern street goddess who exudes overwhelming confidence and embraces her sexuality to the fullest.

Created by IFF perfumer Pierre Negrin, the fragrance of Guess Seductive, I'm Yours is an oriental mix of fruity and gourmand sweetness of passion fruit with floral tones of tiare (Tahitian flower), magnolia, lily and orchid, wrapped in various woods and musk. (source: press kit)

PRICE: 30ml - P 2,200 | 50ml - P 2,900 | 75ml - P 3,500

Esprit D' Oscar (The Spirit of Femininity)
If you want to give out something designer, how about Oscar Dela Renta's Esprit D' Oscar? This may be the next best thing to his very expensive couture gowns. This is a luxury item you may want to give to your mother, sister, wife or girlfriend. Pang doňa lang!

From its fragrance, down to its bottle, Esprit D' Oscar is the embodiment of sophistication and class. Its scent is a modern reinterpretation by Frank Voelkl and Ann Gottlieb of the original fragrance created way back 1977.

This timeless perfume is said to have retained its original oriental and floral character but the updated version begins with citrus notes of Sicilian lemon, cedrat (a.k.a citron), mixed with a floral bouquet scent of Egyptian jasmine, orange blossom and tuberose. Its base is composed of musk, heliotrope, tonka and vetiver. (source: press kit)

PRICE: 1.6 fl. Oz - P 3,650 | 3.3 fl. Oz. - P 4,650

Bond No. 9, New York
Last but definitely not the least, here is a full-blown fragrance collection which is launched as an homage to New York city. Bond No. 9 got its name from the address of its headquarters at 9 Bond Street in NoHo.

The Bond No. 9 collection of 36 women's, men's and unisex perfume is said to be an alternative against the mainstream fragrances in the market today. It is said to contain high and long-lasting concentrations of pure scents in variants that caters to all types of personalities but not for everyone's budget. Priced at P 9, 737 for a 50ml bottle and P 14,124 for 100ml, Bond No. 9 is specially created for those who can truly afford (I'm not one of them, LOL). So if you have the all the money to overindulge yourself in something extravagant such as a bottle of Bond No. 9 perfume, it's up to you!



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