Style and Soul Snapped: FACEHUNTER in Manila

3:11 PM

I want to change my blogging habit/s. Being a "late blogger" (literally), if you notice, events I've attended would most likely be blogged at least a week after. Hahaha. I'm always waaaay behind everyone else. And even though I'm saving the rest of my photos (at the same time waiting for pictures to grab from other bloggers) for my usual story-telling (gosh I'm so chatty), here are some of the fashionable people I've snapped during the FaceHunter book signing event the other night (bongga super bilis mag-update di ba?).

The fourth floor of Fully Booked at the Fort was filled with fashionable bloggers. Though I had the camera with me, my laziness took over. Instead of snapping endlessly at the celebrities and big-time bloggers present during the event, I became busy mingling and chatting.

Regarding the photos, I don't have favorites (outfit or the blogger, I just love both!); it just so happened that when I decided to play "face hunter" for the night, they were among those whom I've been able to photograph. To the rest, promise I'll take your pictures in the future! Nice meeting everyone!

1) Elyoo of Who is Elyoo. I've been stalking her blog even before I've put up my own!
2) Nicole of Soule Phenomenon. I'm sure a lot of you love the shoes from her online store!

3) The future style icon, Bestie of The Capricious Club! Thrifted pants? Real score!

JP Singson

Gelo of Fabgelous

Kookie, Paul, Aisa and Efril

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  1. ganda ng shots! so many fashionable people, love their outfits!

  2. Bestie went to rpn9 before going to fully booked :) ...and oh, during last night's RPN costume party...I went as Rosario. Your long review may have influenced the decision in a way. *lol*

  3. happy new year Melai...

    Kisses to you!!!


  4. Yey!!!! Awesome to meet you again there dear =) Happy New Year!

  5. Lucky you were able to come :) anyway, happy new year! more fashionable posts to come :D

  6. Aww I am so jealous I wasn't able to go! Looks like you had so much fun. And love photos and all of their styles :)


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