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Styling for PFW Ipanema Resort Wear Collection

Thanks to Eldrich Carreon for the photos. More coming up!

Not as glamorous as I thought it would be.

Philippine Fashion Week is the holy grail event for the country's fashion industry. Would you believe it has never been an interest of mine? Well not until I started doing this blog. Quite honestly, I would like to think I'm just like one of the simple bloggers out there; being able to attend even one show was more than enough, just so I know what it's like to be there.

And I got more, SO MUCH MORE than what I wanted. It was a total blessing to have an impromptu styling job land into my lap thanks to my good friend Aisa. She was suddenly asked to style 50 looks for the Ipanema Resort Wear Collection after its stylist backed out the day before. She formed a team comprised of yours truly, Ana and Anagon Collection and designer-stylist Argie Salango to help her out.

For a starter like me, this opportunity is a big deal. Just the thought of it made me ecstatic, overwhelmed and extremely nervous (it being my first) at the same time. Imagine what a challenge it was for us to style slippers with designer clothes (as in seriously!); not to mention make formal and/or outrageous outfits look in line with the theme which was Brazilian summer - something we had to think of after seeing the clothes at 11:00 PM, the night before the show!

Fashion challenge for us: style slippers with these designer clothes!

I wouldn't want to put ourselves on the pedestal, but I would really give all of us a pat on the back for pulling off a good job and a great team work despite pressure and time constraint. Somehow, it was a pure irony for me to be exceptionally happy for this whole experience but at the same time be equally upset with some of the people behind the runway show.

It was disappointing to be working with people who think highly of themselves. At first, Ipanema wouldn't want to credit Accessorize despite the fact that the brand has massively helped the runway show. Ms. Ayet of Accessorize had SIMPLE terms: 1) give out stickers during the event and 2) have their name and logo shown on the video presentation as part of the acknowledgement. Was that so hard to agree on? Aisa had to negotiate her way to make that happen. Accessorize lent UNLIMITED number of accessories and Ipanema repaid the favor by flashing very quickly the logo of the brand (just once!). The Accessorize representative wasn't even able to catch that so-called "special thanks to". Honestly, Accessorize didn't need the event for promotion. I believe Ipanema need them and us more but they all act like the other way around which was something that I found irritating.

Also, as stylists, it was only logical that we wanted to see the slippers first as we ready the clothes and accessories for styling hours before the show. However, people from the brand (see how I don't know their names because they didn't even introduce themselves to us nor brief us) were really stubborn and wouldn't want to bring out the collection not until the show was about to start. Ipanema also insisted that they've chosen certain slipper designs for the clothes despite us asserting our honest and polite opinion that some didn't really match well. If not for designer Dave Ocampo contending that the slippers assigned didn't complement his dress, they wouldn't have listened. That made me feel low of myself because I took a job wherein I work for people who made us feel unimportant. We couldn't even address our concerns to the coordinators. They left Ana to rummage in a pile of slippers and passed her on to different people whenever she needed to ask for something.

Technically, yes, Aisa was the head stylist and I totally understand if she and Argie really get a nice treatment from the people there. They well deserve that. As for me and Ana, I felt like it was us who had to say "thank you" for the job (when I only had Aisa to genuinely thank for). We didn't have any compensation for doing the job so yes, you can call it a form of HELP. Is a mere show of appreciation and gratefulness too much to ask? I think not. We worked hard for it not just because of the fame or because it was our job. We gave our best for we wanted Ipanema to be successful and get good reviews from fashion writers and the like.

Simple looks and body gestures that speak "What the hell are you doing here?", "You don't deserve to be here", "I'm better than you," "Who are you anyway?" are very easy to understand. Fine, I'm aware that they're up the ladder but as a person who has worked in productions, people I've worked with know that I treat people right and with respect, even to those lowest in the hierarchy. It is one of the simplest yet greatest deed that'll make this world a better place (cliche' but very true). I'm not saying everyone there are like that, I just couldn't contain my dismay to some people who are too proud and arrogant.

I'm not as desperate as Ariel in Little Mermaid. So desperate that she lost her voice. There's more bitchiness out there that I haven't witnessed yet. And if the real fashion world is about coldness and claws, I would not wish to be part of their world.

After the Ipanema show ^_^.

Saying a big "THANK YOU" is the very least that we could do to Ms. Ayet Quimpo of Accessorize and Ana's Anagon Collection for being so considerate in letting us pull out the very last minute, accessories (earrings, bracelets & bangles, necklaces, scarves, hair pieces and hats) that incredibly helped us revamp the outfits to the next level. Thank you sooooo much!

Kaloka but uber fun to have done this with Aisa, Ana and Argie! Would love, love, love, love to work with you again!

Aisa, Accessorize store manager (Greenbelt 5 branch) Cheeni, Ana an me (haggard only kei)!
Sayang umalis kagad si Argie!

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  1. Hi i tagged you in my post, for being one of the bloggers who inspired me the most! Hope you take time to look at it! Thank you! Stay fabulous!
    Here's the link.

  2. Hi Eunice! I'm so touched! Thanks so much! :)

  3. Aww that's not very nice of ipanema. Honestly, melai, i didn't even notice the slippers that much because the models were dancing. what i did notice is the styling ;)

  4. melai, you should be writing for depot fashion not me. Hehe. Tama girl lahat ng sinulat mo. As in. I will never style for a runway show ever again--unless it's for bench or something. Lol. I cannot thank you and Ana enough for being there even if you don't need to. Kahit madaming aberya it was still fun being there with you guys! Lav ya girl and see you tom!=)

  5. Yey! First of all, congratulations! I'm glad that despite all the trouble these people gave to you, you had a good time and experience!

    Second, as a Brazilian, I would like to apologize for their behavior. I don't know if the people that acted snobbish were Brazilians, but if they were I can guarantee to you that most Brazilians are NOT like that! I feel disapointed and embarrassed when people act as if the world were full of servants!
    Anyways, you did a great job!
    Have a lovely Friday!

    Jungle World Citizen

  6. Ok naiiyak naman ako hahaha...thank you melai!! this blog entry is enough compensation for me not only for the styling thingie na im sure i failed that day (di talaga para sa akin i swear para akong nag mamath exam, tulala)....But compensation for being there as anagon collection, cancelling all my afternoon meetups for the event,bringing huge maleta, bribing dad para hindi ako commute...wala lang..thank you for appreciating, and voicing out what i felt. love you forever sis! :)

  7. great looks!

  8. I must be crazy, but I miss styling despite the hardships you painted, and I'm envious of you guys for that opportunity. I suppose we can all chalk it up to a character building experience as stylists. Congratulations on a job well done! :D


  9. Bad, bad, bad people. Hmph. But congratulations for pulling through!

  10. I know what you mean. i really find it disappointing that there are people who treat other people like that. I mean I honestly don't see how a simple show of KINDNESS could hurt anyone. But that's life and its how the world works. We're just gonna have to change it ourselves, and hopefully the others follow :)

    BY THE WAY, I saw your two friends at the rest room before I headed to Raoul Ramirez and Noel Crisostomo's show! I wish I knew them, I couldve said hi :) haha

  11. Melaaaiii. Your shoes. People Are People? I've always wanted to get a pair of that for ages, pero ubos huuuu :(

    And about the bitcheliang frogs in the industry... they're always like that no? Especially when it's the more glamorous side of fashion, ie shows, presentations, TV, etc. Ma-showbiz.

    I worked on the merchandising/production aspect of the industry, and it's not often you find such kind of people there. Pero nung nagfashion show kami and worked with other "more connected" people, may ganun talaga, at ANG DAMI NILA. Maybe it's the race to the limelight that makes them that way, but there's no need to step on somebody's toes to get ahead. Kaya ako, personally, I like the quiet, less papansin designers and brands. Most of them understand you don't always have to make noise just to be noticed.


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