Sunog (Fire)

1:30 PM

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We almost lost our house.

Two weeks ago, I was at an important meeting with my bosses from SM [Kids Fashion] to evaluate the  series of mall shows (that I hosted) for their Crazy for Colors collection (as mentioned here). There were a couple of production and logistical glitches during the Cebu show and the team would like to address certain issues that arose in relation to the remaining events that we'd be having until the end of the month. 

In the middle of the discussion, I got a text message from my sister saying that there was a fire in our village and that even though our house wasn't on fire [yet], the blaze was huge and would probably catch ours eventually. I didn't really want to bother my bosses about my own personal problems. Good thing, as I was about to tell them, call it divine intervention but the meeting was dismissed earlier than expected. I headed home as fast as I could and upon arriving, I saw that all the roads were blocked by fire trucks and our neighbors were running around while some gathered in a crowd, weeping for their burning homes.

I searched for my sister and found her with my mom sitting on the sidewalk looking all anxious. Thinking that we would probably lose our home, I slightly welled up and hugged my mom tightly. When my older brother was killed seven years ago, I felt like I can get past anything after that no matter how painful or depressing it would be as long as I still have the rest of my family with me. With this incident, just seeing my mom, sister (and dog) doing all okay (my brother at work and dad on his way), I knew we will get through it (because believe me, we've had worse) despite the fact that our house and belongings might turn into ashes any minute.

Thank God the firemen were able to control the fire before it reached our home. Just when I was ready to accept to see all my material things, important documents and savings get burned. It was such a miracle how our house (apartment rather) of 30 years was saved.

Even if I lose it all, as long as I have my family, I know we'll be fine. I've always believed that God will provide. Indeed, the life experiences that I've had have made me stronger than what I give myself credit for.

P.S. Since this happened, I have been conscious of plugs and appliance usage, LPG tank and use of fire around the house. A little paranoia isn't so bad I guess. Stay safe everyone! And btw, thanks to those who were concerned enough to message me and ask how I was during the hype of the fire incident.

Photo Credits: Prab Reyes (neighbor)


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  1. OMG :( This is a sad and touching story. good thing the fire stopped!!


  2. Oh gosh! Thank God your house wasn't affected!

  3. goosebumps. thank God you're all safe.

  4. Grabe Melai :( Good to know you guys are safe! God bless you and your family!


  5. We lost our house to a big fire back in 2001 and it was one of the most difficult things I ever went through. Glad you're okay, Melai!

  6. Aw! Good thing the fire didn't reached your house. Stay safe.

  7. Glad you guys are safe and the house was saved! We lost our house 6 years ago, I was at work, and what was only left was the uniform I was wearing that day. I lost all the clothes, pictures, everything, it is hard to move on, but I am glad that my family is safe and that is the most important thing.

    Take care love. I'll see you soon :)

  8. Good thing you and your family are safe! It is really a must to check all electrical wirings and LPG tank. God bless you Melai and everyone!

  9. thank God it didn't reach your house. keep safe :)

  10. OMG! Glad you and your family are safe. God bless!

  11. It's a good thing the fire didn't reach your home, and thank God you're all okay...

  12. Thank God you are safe and your family. ♥
    That is also one of my greatest fear is FIRE and losing everything I had worked for, but such an inspiration that God will always provide and he will not give us what we cannot handle but rather make us stronger and teach us lessons in life that will make us be a greater person.

  13. I admire you for your substantial blog entries, Melai. Not a mere 'fashion blog'. Thank you for this change.

    Truly, God will always provide.

  14. The fire looks intensely scary but thank God that you're all okay. Are the families affected by the fire also okay? I hope none of them got hurt or something.


  15. I was moved by this post. Extra careful!

    More powers,

  16. Always very poignant, true, and inspiring, Melai. :) Keep it up!

  17. Thank God you're all safe the fire didnt reach your home =)

    i actually got teary eyed after reading this post. =( Our house burnt down a year ago and nothing was left for us. we were not able to save anything =( However, I'm still grateful to God because me and my family are safe. the life after the fire was really difficult. It was like back to zero. God, however, gives us the strength to get through it.=) and still sustains me and my family's every need after the dreadful incident =)


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