Personal shopping for DJ Boom

8:00 PM

The first "official" personal shopping stint that I'm doing for a client, DJ Boom of 91.5 Big Radio!
I've done this with my other friends but not for work and definitely not for a guy - real guy. Haha!
I was too cautious not to pick anything that he might find eeerrr... quite feminine?
I want this! It's exudes a positive and encouraging statement. Like... let's say, "FIGHT"!
Will definitely get him checkered tops and a lot of button-down shirts!
Also got DJ Boom these denim jackets for a slight edge. No more nice-geeky look!
Another promo! They don't run out of sales!
Hello other shoppers! No one seemed to mind me taking photos actually. Haha
Done picking out items for him! Now I'm going to look for all things girly while DJ Boom waits.
Ooooh I want these - both of these! P250/each
Florals and tribal prints!
Look what I found! Red shorts! A must have. With nautical blue stripes lining! :)
All done! Yey!
DJ Boom's kengkoy character forever.
Signing off! Thanks Hang Ten!
I have one mini project right up my sleeve recently and it's styling a promising radio personality, DJ Boom of 91.5 Big Radio. Naks, kung maka-build up, haha! Currently, he's looking for a few sponsors that might help him propel his career. However, both of us totally understand the reality that usually, starting DJs don't get any support from any brands yet - not until they become really famous.

Aside from being relatively new in the radio industry, he hosts a local FM station which targets the mass audience. To a certain extent, this could be a disadvantage (pwede ring advantage) because there's a possibility that companies would  go for those who cater to either the A-B demographic, not masaWag na magdeny, aminin! Let's say for example, the boys of Boys Night Out from Magic 89.9, or DJ Mo Twister (when he was still here).

I get it. I know that. This is just how it works in this industry. But what made me agree to working with DJ Boom is the fact that we were classmates in college and I know how good he is. He graduated with honors in UP Diliman and if you talk to him as a regular person, not as his radio character, you can tell that he really has the smarts.

It's just that, here in the country, when one speaks English, he is perceived as intelligent and well-educated while the one who talks in Filipino is assumed to be shallow and an airhead. This is the stereotype currently running in our society. Yes, the Filipino language is for the laymen but it is never inferior. I may blog in English all I want just to cater to all types of readers but it's Filipino that I use in my everyday language.

This is why other disc jocks for English stations are placed on the pedestal while masa DJs are made fun of and not really taken seriously because of their "funny" names like Chris-tsupe or Papa Jack or DJ BoomBay. Succumbing to these circumstances, I remain again, positive that  DJ Boom will find his place in the industry and when he does, a lot more opportunities will come his way. He just needs to work his ass off and has to pay his dues first (O diba, just look at Mr.Fu!). Sooner or later, he'd be reaping the fruits of his labor. This applies to all of us, of course.

But while we wait for the bigger things that will surely come his way as long as he patiently waits, we would like to personally thank Hang Ten for giving him the chance at a mini collaboration. In good faith, I pitched in the proposal and it makes me happy that  Hang Ten was willing to tie-up with me and my buddy DJ Boom. It's a gesture our tandem truly appreciate!

This explains why we were at Hang Ten (SM North Edsa) picking out clothes! Hehe! It has a nice selection for men over there, plus, a lot were on sale! I personally like its button-downs and some kick-ass graphic tees!

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DJ BOOM: Blog | Facebook | Twitter



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  1. sorry, this is unrelated to your post, but where did you get your dress, Melai? the color pretty! i love how the fabric falls on your body, too. :)

    lots of luck to your friend on his career!

    boat ride through the sky

  2. I agree with you on the stereotypes Filipinos think about our own language. I'm a Filipino and I'm proud of it. I love all the dialects in our country. We shouldn't sell them short. We should stop colonial mentality. Ok, that sounds too serious now. Ha ha

    Anyway, congratulations on this stint. I hope to see him wear what you shopped for him. :-)

    I hope you get to visit my blog soon. :-)

    Much love from Mystic Nymph.

    1. Thanks dear! Glad you can relate to some of the things I wore here :)

  3. I love the outfit youre wearing :)


  4. you're wearing the color of the year if i'm not mistaken :) that's my kind of dress, doesn't need to be fitted to look chic.
    regarding your DJ friend, i think it doesn't matter if he is a masa DJ, what i think counts whether one is a jock for an AB station or a masa one is that he should make himself stand out somehow, offer something to make him unique. it's not enough that he is good, dapat may sariling gimmick. if it clicks he could even be a crossover jock that appeals to all.


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