Commuting in Style: Quick shift from day to night look

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I find it quite ironic how my previous blog entry has talked about "starting over" and yet, as soon as I hit my life's "reboot" button, the sooner I slip back to my old habits. By that I mean being absent from blogging (or social media) for the past week. Aaaaw. Hmmm... It's been a little frustrating because I really want myself to  efficiently multitask, but it seems like I need to push so much harder on achieving that. Every time work comes up, I don't know why, but it has its own way of consuming most of my time and energy, and that just drains me, making me unable to blog anymore.

Despite everything, my disposition in life remains positive. This mind-set requires me to believe that what happened is just a tiny setback that I can easily reverse as I continue to figure out how to master the art of time management and juggling multiple tasks.

Before I go on over and over about this, I'm stopping myself right at the second paragraph to give way for my entry's real topic for today. You see, the core and most important pieces of advice here in my Commuting in Style segment are all stated in my pilot entry, Commuting in Style: How I balance fashion, comfort and safety. Most of my tips there are probably quite similar to the ones you might just encounter in some of my future posts.

Now, one of the major dilemmas of fashionista commuters is changing looks from day to night. Imagine, you either have work or school in the morning till afternoon then after, you need to go directly to a dinner or event in the evening. 

Again, like what I always say, I'm not an expert on anything. Everything I say in this segment is purely based on experience. I know the feeling of how burdensome it is, tiis-ganda lang ang peg, when dealing with this situation. So how do I manage to wing it?

1. Choose a versatile closet piece that'll last till night
To those who have their own cars, this will never be a grave predicament. All they have to do is put their items in the trunk and conveniently change at the backseat. But since you don't have the luxury of time and space to do so, you have no other choice but to pick one and that's it! 

Bringing extra clothes is impractical. It will be such a hassle to carry along a heavy bag during a lengthy walk on the side road and foot bridges; especially on public transport vehicles. Also, switching to a completely different ensemble is too tedious; not to mention, very time consuming.

For this outfit, I decided to stick with my cute floral dress and popping yellow blazer
2. It's either a minor add-on or take-off 
If you really can't stand wearing the exact same outfit during the day to your night affair, fine, you may pack just one additional clothing. Example, wear a casual dress and put on a sequined blazer at night for instant glam. If you're donning separates like a skirt and a blouse, or a shirt and pants; just modify either the top or the bottom piece.

You can also choose to take off something instead. I've had one of those days when what I did was I wore a bodycon dress and put on over a maxi skirt and sandals. When I got to the event, I made a quick change by getting rid of my skirt and slipping on some sexy pumps then I was so ready to party!

Switched my red flats to Parisian boots, black tassel necklace and black and gold accessories
3. Shoes and accessories will do it
When you're already feeling good about your evening ensemble, then just seal the deal with a change of heels and accessories - two of the easiest things to add in your look. Meanwhile, accessories are the lightest items to have in your handbag.

4. Make-up: The best change of all
If you're too lazy to bring anything at all, simply put on make-up for an effortless yet dramatic transformation. You can either do a smoky eye and dab a red lipstick; or in my case, I just sweep heavy eyeliner and mascara then I'm done!

From bare face, I added a dash of pink lip tint and swiped some liquid eyeliner
It's definitely a tough act to balance practicality and style especially when you have to be at different places and various occasions all in just one day. Add "commuting" as a factor and most of you would probably just go for the easy way out and not dress up at all. However, there are always a lot of means to go around it. If there's a will, there's a way! Cheers to us fashionista commuters!

BTW, let me know if you find these tips useful. If there are topics about budget shopping and commuting in style tips that you want me to blog about, feel free to tell me! Happy Friday everyone, I miss you all!

Photo Credits: Paul Chuapoco

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  1. Melai! I love your dress and yellow blazer! :D

  2. So pretty, and great blog!! :) Learned something.


  3. love your yellow-ish blazer! modern chick in the city ung mood. hehe. prettiful!


  4. bongga! galing how a pair of shoes and accessories can totally change the outfit! Like your hair btw :)

  5. We have the same dress :) Loved the way you style yours!


  6. great post! all of your tips are indeed helpful..
    btw- those yellow blazer looks really cute :D

  7. Very pretty, Melai! :) I've always loved how you share your commuting in style tips! :) Keep 'em coming, babe! ♥


  8. I love your over-sized blazer. The color is perfect! Been digging your blog lately. Very informative indeed! Stay Chic!


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