Meet and Greet with Katy Perry!

10:45 AM

A blessed Sunday everyone! Today is Katy Perry's concert at SM Mall of Asia (MoA)! But before this musical feast, Katy Perry went to MoA's atrium yesterday to sign a few autographs for her fans.

For the past few days before this, I couldn't stop tweeting about going to Katy Perry's MEET AND GREET. My good friends we're teasing me, saying, ang yabang ko daw! Sorry na guys! Didn't really want to come off that way. It was a case of super excitement, joy and still, disbelief that out of so many bloggers, we were given the chance to go there.

Even though I was sick with flu and needed a bed rest, I picked myself up and commuted all the way to MoA from Quezon City. From my house, I took a cab going to Q.Ave MRT station, then got off at Taft station and took a bus all the way to the venue. It was a three-stop ride, but I've been used to it and it wasn't such a hassle since I follow commuting-in-style guidelines (check my post here).

When I got there, I was slightly upset to find out that the invite only allowed access to the VIP area, just right below the stage. Only the first 100 people who bought the Katy Perry "Purr" fragrance (worth P3,700, 100ml) would be able to go up for a signature and the opportunity to actually greet and interact with her. *sobs* We even spotted Divine Lee, Sam Pinto and Hayden Kho together with other local celebrities, who bought  "Purr" and really fell in line just for her!

The e-mail invitation had my hopes up of personally meeting her but looking at the brighter side of life, I realized that a lot of people would do anything just to have an invite. Seeing the huge crowd of fans outside the barricaded area, I know I'm still blessed to be where I am, just a few kembot away from Katy. Like what Ava said, we were pretty close, close enough. Just minus the autograph and photo.

Nevertheless, Ana, Ava and I remain very thankful for the experience. Blessing as always! BTW, what happened to Paul? He gave his invite to Ana as a birthday gift! How sweet and touching! Since he can afford to do so, he bought his own  "Purr"  perfume kahit pambabae yun at hindi naman daw talaga niya gagamitin, haha! And because we were such supportive blogger friends, we waited for his turn to go up the stage and documented his Katy Perry moment!

Thank you so much Prestige Brands PH for inviting us! Thank you very much for all the love! Will be posting more photos soon!

P.S. Video stolen from Ava!  



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  1. Wow! I hope I can see her in person, too. <3

  2. OH MY GOD, If I were in your shoes and just a few kembot away from Katy Perry, I fainted na siguro. hahaha!

  3. You're very lucky Ms. Melai! :)


  4. Wowwww! Great experience! so envy that you met her in person :)


  5. i love katy perry sooooo much! you are so lucky, melai!OMG, if i was invited, i would shout it out in every social network because of too much excitement. haha it would be so abnormal if you didn't. haha

  6. Paul is so nice to give his pass to Ana!! :) Good soul! ♥ So happy for you guys, you had the chance to see Katy! :)


  7. agree ako with dred, magyayabang talaha ako in the entire social network! hahaha!


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