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What? It's already been over a decade?

Yes friends, we are all 10 years older! Take that! 

I was around 10 as well when American Idol first began airing on Fox in 2002. Wow. I haven't realized how much I have aged (because in my heart, I'm forever 18, haha), not until I watched the 11th season of this reality TV singing competition which featured a lot of teen-year-olds. Oh my! 

Man, I am getting old, er... older.

Watching the past three episodes of American Idol Season 11 on ETC (local channel), I've been pretty much amazed with all the young and gifted individuals that I have seen on the show so far. Just in case you want to start, GO! You haven't missed much yet. Time slots are every Thursday and Friday at 6PM with a prime time replay at 9PM (+8GMT Manila).  

As an aspiring host, aside from the incredibly jaw dropping performances, one of the things I love about the show is Ryan Seacrest, someone I look up to in the field of hosting. Wishing to pick up something from his hosting style, I make sure I observe how he does it - his manner of speaking, including spiels, voice overs, gestures and tone.

Of course, when it comes to the fashion factor, J. Lo's chic outfits are worth mentioning! Hello? Every single time I see her, I just find her so beautiful (considering her age) that she makes me want to have a prettier version of my self, haha. How superficial, I know right! 

But seriously, the show made a way for me to rediscover songs that I wasn't that into until I heard another version from one of the contestants. A sample of this is Sunday Morning by Maroon 5. This song isn't my favorite from this band (She Will be Loved is the one). Not until... one of the contestants, Gabi Carruba sang it to perfection. I'm personally rooting for her now. Check her audition video!

Here's another quirky talent, Reed Grimm!

Gosh, there are so many that I've come to admire, and for this post, it's difficult to narrow it down. Watch these two because they have something special too!

If you think it's the same old singing show that you've been watching for years, I beg to differ. Number one, talent is NEVER overrated. And number two, dreams are TIMELESS. 

All of us have dreams. I have a lot of it - all are big and very ambitious. The thing is, I have an idea and yet, ironically, I feel like I am totally clueless how to get there. Still, no matter what, I'll always keep my mind, not just eye, on the prize. One of the reasons why I never get tired of watching shows like American Idol is because as cheesy as this may sound, I find it uplifting when people succeed in life. Seeing someone's journey before the big win keeps me hopeful and fighting.

Gaahd, it's just getting more and more exciting! I'm betting on a lot of dramatic turns as American Idol continues to search for contestants who possess raw talent and potential. Can't wait to find out who gets to impress the judges come "Hollywood rounds" and by the end of February, the first group of semifinalists will finally take the Idol stage for their first live performance! Will never miss it out for sure.

If you want to get involved in all the Idol happening, or share your personal favorites like I did, share what you have to say about American Idol on ETC's Twitter, Facebook and/or Website. You could win a little something! Get hooked on #aionetc!

*2012 Giveaway winner to be announced this week!


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  1. i can't believe its been 10 years already to! crazy time really does fly!!! too fast!!

  2. @derek: I know right! Indeed how time passes us by swiftly! :)

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