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My very first set of tips in my Commuting in Style segment garnered so many views and feedback. For that, I'd really like to thank my readers for being supportive. The feeling of being relevant to a group of people is overwhelming and this has inspired me to keep on writing for this blog series whenever I have the time.

Denim Jacket Thrifted | Dress Gifted | Bag c/o Freeway
Times have certainly changed. In the past, wearing a "print-on-print" ensemble was just a trend. Today, prints have become a part of our everyday style. A creative mix of florals, animal skins, stripes, polka dots, and tribal prints never fails to make an eye-catching statement.

If you ask me, there are no definitive set of rules on how to wear prints. Still, you just can't pile on the prints and expect them to blend perfectly without a little effort. A daredevil stylephile may go all-out and crazy with it, and in the end, manage to pull it off. However, not many of us possess that gift.   

In wearing prints, most of us would want to look well put-together rather than a random mess. Without any "expertise" on this matter, let me share with you how I go about injecting prints and patterns to my own personal style. 

1. Pay attention to the color and texture of the garment
Let the fabric speak to you. O ha, parang baliw lang, haha. Lay down all your clothes first and check out which ones seem to go well together. In her blog, I remember Camille Co saying that there should be at least one color/shade/palette which is related to the rest of the items in your outfit.

This is true to a certain extent. If you notice my outfit, you'd see that accents of brown are consistent in my look. However, you may also go on a completely opposite direction and avoid coordinating the colors and prints. A balanced contrast is a good thing, just like this acid wash jacket, yellow zebra print dress and colorful canvass tote bag.

2. Have a fashion inspiration
What I always do is I surf the web for style blogs and e-mags that I could use for reference. Magazine editorials are also very helpful. I make sure that I don't just put a personal spin to it, but also make it appropriate for my lifestyle.

3. Do not excessorize
A print is a show-stopper in itself. Do not overkill by layering too much accessories. Remember that when commuting, your outfit is already a head-turner so keep everything else plain and simple as much as possible. Kung hindi, baka tuluyan ka nang ma-hold up nyan teh, haha!

4. At least one item in solid color
You have the option to discard this tip. If you want to go printed literally from head to toe, including your shoes, socks, bag, accessories and everything, go ahead! Ikaw na, bongga ka teh! But realistically speaking, I personally think you shouldn't over-do it. Some prints just call for a single pairing. For example this ensemble, I went for brown boots and stacked a few black and brown thin bangles. 

P.S. Was wearing flats during public transport.

Boots c/o Shoe Etiquette
5. Confidence is the only key
Sometimes we have a feeling that a certain style or trend would only fit "certain people". We tend to be too hard on ourselves, yung tipong, sa kanya lang naman bagay yun eh. Well change the mind set, will you? Yes "prettier" girls may have a way of wearing anything with their faces as their saving grace when all else fails.

Go and face the mirror, now na. What do you see? You are looking at a beautiful person who's deserving to wear anything that her heart desires. Carry lang girl! You can't buy confidence. It's something that you have to harness from within. Work on that! 

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From a fashionista commuter's perspective, these are just a few factors on how to successfully wear prints. A good deal of practice and research will also help you hone your print-on-print palate. Only a few could pull off such a daring look but again, just be confident and proud. It's the only way so never fear to go for a graphic get-up every single day.



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  1. i love this look melai!!!super love the shoes!iba n tlga ang least phil fashion is evolving.:)

    1. Giezelle! Thanks! I know right. :) It's time for regular and ordinary girls to dress up. Fashion isn't just for those who can afford. Looking good is really empowering so I suggest to everyone na magpaganda! Hehe :)

  2. Love it! Peg ko! I don't have much prints (hello overflowing stack of shirts haha!) but I also love prints! Adds details to any mundane piece of clothing :D

    Almira :)

    1. Almira! Thanks! Yes, tama! You should invest on prints. Start with the timeless ones like polka, stripes, florals then go crazy after! :)

  3. Cute boooots!!! Love itt :)


  4. Super love this post, Melai! :) Thank you for sharing to us these tips, very sakto to those who'd want to start experimenting sa print-on-print trend. :) Confidence is the key - - true yan! As one shirt at the T-Shirt Project says, "Keep Calm and... Carry Lang!" :p


    1. Thanks Arnie! I'm so glad you find the tips useful. :) Yes just confidence lang talaga. Yun na yun eh. :)


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