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In my previous post, I shared my all-black ensemble to a hosting job that I did for 3D Vizion's media launch. I'm blushing because of your compliments, haha! Anyway, because it's too techie for me, my boyfriend JR is helping me again to explain this amazing new technology that is about to alter the way we do advertising here in the country - 3D screens w/o the glasses! Keep on reading to know more about it!

When advertising, it is important to catch the attention of consumers with compelling images and messages to make them remember the product. Doing so requires a significant amount of strategizing and effort.

With various companies competing for space and air time, how can one stand out? 

3D VIZION has the answer - glasses-free 3D screens. This proudly Pinoy company is determined to change the advertising landscape here in our country.

A Unique Way to Advertise
"Glasses-free 3D screens leave such a lasting imprint that studies have shown that it is 10 times more effective than regular 2D media," said Ms. Katrina Bantug, President and CEO of the company.  "In the US, a study discovered that when used in a mall, the sales of the brand featured in the glasses-free 3D screen went up at least 12%,” she added.

Katrina Bantug, President and CEO of 3D Vizion
According to 3D Vizion’s press release, multiple researches found that this technology has a proven track record of heightened engagement, and extreme brand recall. Because of the peculiar 3D experience,  it is also said that customers will more likely follow it with an actual purchase.

Indeed, glasses-free 3D is the way to go in this constantly evolving technology arena. Let's go back in time: personal computers were once too big and heavy, so we created laptops to bring around. Telephones didn’t allow calls unless it was plugged in, so now we have cellphones to enable us to keep in touch with anyone, anywhere. As of now, current 3D technology can only be appreciated with a number of specially made glasses which can be cumbersome and dorky at times. So now, 3D Vizion ditched them and voila, glasses-free 3D technology!

How does glasses-free 3D work?
From what I understand, the screens make use of lenticular arrays, composed of transparent cylindrical lenses, that are laid on top of the screen. For you to picture this, here's a video about lenticular 3D. This somehow tricks your eyes into seeing 2D images in 3D.  They are similar to the 3D cartoon cards a number of us had when we were young.

Melai says: It's really complicated to explain. JR can do that but it will be too wordy and might bore you to death. I love you guys so I researched a little and found this video on youtube! Maybe this would help you understand more. :) *wink*

Advertising With 3D Vizion
With 3D advertising being new in the Philippines, many companies may not be able to take full advantage of the technology. However, 3D Vizion has it all covered. It offers a variety of services to make it easier for the brands adapt to the medium. These include:
  • Content Creation = ad creation is handled by 3D Vizion from “concept development to execution,”
  • Content Conversion = wherein 2D or old 3D media is converted to suit the glasses-free 3D media
  • Content Optimization = the 3D materials are corrected and enhanced.
A number of 3D screens have already been installed around Metro Manila (mostly Ayala Malls) but 3D Vizion plans to expand to other areas in the future. In their website, they promise “ANY SCREEN, ANYWHERE IN 3D GLASSES-FREE.” The glasses-free 3D screens can be installed almost anywhere or be brought to events like product launches, trade shows and parties to wow the attendees. With their own content management system, your ads can be broadcast to any screen in the metro, making distribution quick and easy.

When will the novelty expire?
Ms. Bantug believes that 3D will stay long after the hype withers away. 3D media will not be restricted to advertising or to television and film consumers only. According to her, it will remain a fad for probably about 10 more years. The same thing happened after immense interest was generated by the invention of "things" like TV or mobile phone. Today, these technologies have been part of our lifestyle to the point that imagining life without these would be terribly difficult to do.

But where does glasses-free 3D technology go from here? Ms. Bantug suggested that such breakthrough could be used in military or medicine. I then remembered some scenes from James Cameron’s “Avatar”, and how the humans made use of different 3D interfaces in doing their jobs. (Coincidentally, it was Avatar that started this 3D craze.)

But it doesn’t end there. Engineers and architects can use the the technology to create accurate three dimensional plans of buildings, doctors can create 3D images of patients bodies to assist them in diagnosing diseases and in surgeries, news agencies can bring live events to the living rooms of their audiences and immerse them in it.  With a little imagination, you can think of all the different possibilities. 
(c) article by JR Espejo

We have spoken about it. Now, all you have to do is see it for yourselves! No amount of  words can fully describe the experience unless it's first hand. It is uuh-maaazing I'm telling you! I do hope you enjoy JR's guest post and my occasional butt-ins, haha! Before I end this entry, I'd like to thank 3D Vizion, Geiser Maclang and Amorita Resort!

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  1. that's an interesting concept, I think the 3D hype around christmas was a bit less than last year in terms of the tv sales but I know people who would still like to get them!!

  2. @pop champagne: Yeah, it's pretty cool dear. :) I was amazed by it!

  3. Love your blog and style! <3



  4. Love your blog and style! <3



  5. This is so cool! And I saw the outfit you wore to this event, it is indeed amazing :D


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