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10:01 AM

I've been feeling sick these past few days. It's now 4:00 AM and I'm currently doing some paper works for Bloggers United. Now that our team has finalized all the important details (save the date: Dec. 3, 2011 at Treston International College), we now proceed to the next level (one of the most painful aspects of organizing an event) which is full blast marketing!

I'm on a break so I decided to blog  a quick outfit post. It's one of the outfits that I love putting on, the ______ on ______ ensemble. So in the past, I've done a stripe on stripe, print on print, leopard on leopard, lace on lace, denim on denim, so on and so forth Now here's crochet on crochet! 

Quick story: while wearing this a few weeks ago, a total stranger (not a blog reader or anything) approached our table, while my boyfriend and I were eating dinner and asked me where I bought my clothes because she found it pretty nice. Aaaw. Flattering. Well I answered, "thrift store" and she looked pleasantly surprised.

I really love my outfit in here but the whole ensemble wouldn't come together if not for these spanking striped shoes courtesy of Payless from its designer collection series by Isabel Toledo.  

Payless ShoeSource is the largest specialty family footwear retailer in the U.S. and the entire Western hemisphere which opened a couple of branches here in the Philippines a few years ago. Payless carries a wide variety of brands like Airwalk, Smart Fit, Zoe & Zac, Champion and a whole lot more, dedicated to democratizing fashion and design in footwear and accessories for the world. The brand has also collaborated with a few other designers like Christian Siriano, Lela Rose and Silvia Tcherassi. Payless makes the latest on-trend fashion, design and ideas in footwear available at reasonable prices. They not only cater to women, but also to men and children!

After a long day of walking in heels, I change into these comfy oxfords from Payless as well. Even Aisa has her own pair.  

The Payless designer series are more expensive than the other brands, around PHP 3,000 and above. But judging on how I abuse these shoes, I can tell that they are well-made and comfortable to wear and walk on for hours. If you'd be out on some shoe shopping, consider going to Payless and you might find something you like!

Going back to what I'm doing now as I type this, do you ever wonder how does marketing work for us in Bloggers United? Hmmm, well, Aisa's our marketing head and I'm the associate so our tandem is pretty dynamic. I make and conceptualize the marketing proposal and I need to submit the proposals as soon as I can to Aisa so she can forward it to her contacts from different brands. Aisa has worked as a marketing officer for Robinsons and over the past years, she has gained an important pool of network. She's my "Ate" (older friend) and we have this 6-year gap in experience. It's funny because no one knows how young I am or how old she is, haha. But she's really ahead of me in so many ways and I learn a lot from her.

 After submitting the proposal, we schedule a meeting with the brand executives and present the event and explain the proposal. Since I think my forte is more on speaking and public relations, Aisa lets me do most the talking. Which only makes sense since I'm the one who made it; therefore, I explain. It can get nervous before but during the actual meeting, I just fire away and hopefully, the client will be satisfied with what the team has to offer.

And then we wait. Will they say yes or no? We will never know until we follow up for a feedback. The long wait is killing us because it gets scary when we still don't have the funds to spend for it (mahal mag-produce ng event mga teh, haha) and companies usually give us a final answer after a month or so, unless they really want to sponsor.

So that, my friends, are the basics of marketing here in Bloggers United. Tune in for more Marketing 101 lessons. Hahaha! Just kidding!

How does my outfit and my marketing story tie up? No they don't relate at all!  Hahaha. Bangag mode na ako, hello 4am! But I hoped you like what I'm wearing especially the Payless shoes and at the same time, see the bigger picture about Bloggers United. Some people think to be a part of it is too damn easy. Well it's not as you can see. So I really hope you'll come and support the event. It's 56 days to go!!


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  1. Haha, I laughed at "Tune in for more Marketing 101 lessons" :) Amazing job you're doing! It's so cool to see young professionals creating an impact. *clap, clap to the Bloggers United team! :)

  2. I'm excited for Bloggers United 2! :) I'm sure to go this time cos it's closer! Yay!!! :)

  3. I'm glad I took the time to drop by your blog. What a lovely outfit! :) Cuuuute.

  4. Those shoes are fantastic! I want a pair! I really like your dress too.

  5. Beautiful! love your heels :)

    Fashion Blogger

  6. love the shoes! they look aamzing!

  7. Love the shoes Melai! Will definitely check these out. We're all excited for Bloggers United 2. Hope I can drop by this time. Work has been keeping me too!


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