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Leopard vest from F-STOP | Fashion Stop (SHOP VINTAGE), in a new collection very soon!

Aivan to the rescue! Here's my outfit shot of the day :)

We welcomed the first rainy day of August by attending MANG INASAL's first-ever Media and Bloggers Night held at T.E.A.T.R.I.N.O. in Promenade, Greenhills.

At first, it was very, very awkward to walk in an event filled with food bloggers and media practitioners. Hmmmm... Aisa, Aivan, Ava, Catch, Sarah, Thyz and I were outnumbered, but we were there to wave the fashionista flag, haha! It was really different from our usual events because nothing about it was related to fashion but we really, really enjoyed ourselves in the company of each other along with music performances from various upcoming artists.

Group shot!

Foooood! (Photos from Aivan)

So what was the event all about? It was a launch of the "I <3 Mang Inasal" campaign, a look back at the humble beginnings of the food brand, the reasons why a lot of Filipinos have fallen in love with its chicken inasal and unlimited rice, hahaha, and also, the announcement of the following: its 400th store opening, Grand Gadget Giveaway promo and it's biggest project ever to date, the Mang Aawit Project - all happening this month of August.

Photos from Aisa

Wow, from a small business enterprise, it's really evident how the fast food chain has really gone big time after just a few years in the business.

I'm really inspired with Mang Inasal's success story. Makes me want to think, how will I ever do so well in life - career (and money) wise. Hmmmm.... *thinking* Haha.

Mang Aawit project director Chris Cahilig and Moonleaf Marketing Manager Thyz!

Anyway, as a form of giving back for all its accomplishments, Mang Inasal has a new advocacy program - the Mang Aaawit Project. It's an admirable advocacy program that will give eight deserving Filipino artists music grants! Meaning, the food brand will fund, produce their albums and music videos, promote, and give these aspiring singers a valuable exposure to a broader audience.

Mang Inasal screened eight breakthrough artists from different genres. You may not be familiar with them now, but hopefully soon. Here are some of them!

OPM pop heartthrobs 1:43

Parang K-POP cuties lang. Haha!

Does he look familiar? He's the Paradigm Shift's Pure collection model.

Acoustic sweetie, Stephanie Dan

Stand-up comedian and novelty singer, Onse

He's really hilarious! I swear. We were laughing our lungs off!

Karir ni ateh! Performance level and the crowd favorite too.

Acoustic singer-composer Aries Sales from Davao City

Ex-Pinoy Dream Academy Scholar, Sheng Belmonte

Di ko kinaya ABS ni ate! Sexy eh! Kainis. Haha chos.

Aisa's right. The belly dance that she did was reminiscent of Shakirah. Sexeh!

Balladeer, Myrus

This project aims to enrich the OPM (Original Pilipino Music) scene. It's really sad how a lot of Filipinos pay more attention to foreign music nowadays and in order to counter that trend, here is Mang Inasal, helping out in endorsing Filipino music and talents. I really hope this opportunity will give out our new artists their much-deserved break.

After all the hearty musicals, Mang Inasal raffled some prizes. I know, I'm not really lucky when it comes these so as usual, it was Ava and Sarah for the win - 2G USB ballers. None from our group won the Asus Eee Pad Transformers though. But you do have a chance when you eat at Mang Inasal's! Check out the promo mechanics here.

Now time for outfit shots!

Newest blogger in town: Catch!

Thyz from Moonleaf! :) Thanks for inviting us!

Thanks Mang Inasal. More power to you! :) I've always wanted a franchise. But I can't afford. Not yet! Haha!


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  1. i love your outfit!!! :) by the way im your new follower :) you can visit mine too if you have time :)

  2. Bet ko ang outfit! Ang "cool" lang ng vibe!

  3. They have yummy-smelling chicken! ;-)

  4. Ang fresh mo lang pag naka-pony tail ka, teh! :)

  5. sayang i wasn't able to go to this event! i missed the abs!!! hahaha. grabe, i can't stop looking at her tummy.

    boat ride through the sky

  6. love your vest! :) great post!

  7. Sobrang benta ni Onse, and yes, super fun ng event na yan :)

  8. you look absolutely stunning! I love the leopard print vest so much :)

    xxx irinja (1milliondresses.blogspot.com)


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