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Long time no see.

I've been on a blogging break for quite a while and I incredibly missed the heck out of y'all! My personal life and my shop (the asian fashion section) are just two of the things that have been keeping me busy these days. Boy, all my supposed-to-be blog posts have incredibly piled up now and even though it's making me crazy (just the thought of how many they are), I'll get around to doing them as much as I can from now on.

Currently, I'm concentrating most of my energy to a project that I've been working on with a few blogger friends. I'm sure Aisa's regularly-updated blog has probably mentioned it but most of its details will be revealed when the right time comes (naks). When it comes to news and announcements, I've learned that it's best to keep things off the radar first until everything's final (weee, exciting).

So let me give you a quick rundown on some blog highlights I've missed to share for the couple of weeks that I've been gone:Link
  • It was surreal to meet a lot of bloggers during the closet sale that Honey organized. Getting to know everyone was a great experience. I'm just thankful that some of our readers dropped by and we all had fun being with each other the whole day.
  • I went to the the Greater Good X Style Break collaboration launch. Saw a lot of celebrities and socialites (not my circle, haha) and got new awesome shirts from GG.
  • Magic 89.9's Boys Night Out show invited Ava, Ana and me for an interview. The topic was about blogging and we had such a blast with Sam, Tony and Rick. They rock!
  • My feature article for Fashion Depot was published. Yey for that (tee hee)!
  • Style and Soul's blog anniversary is coming up and expect giveaways that won't disappoint. 10 lovely sponsors are giving away freebies, GCs and discount coupons to my followers! I'm just so thankful that my readers keep on tuning in to my blog despite the lack of updates. So don't worry, my gift for you guys is coming real soon!

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  1. That skirt is lovely!:) The interview with boys night out must've been fun.:) NIce!:D


  2. I love your skirt! It's so summery, but it's not the predictable kind of summery. :D

  3. the maxi skirt super cool~ i really love it

  4. wow ung skirt mo dear parang totoo.. :) ganda.
    and i love your tooooop!

    pretty pretty tlg ni melai. :D

  5. OMG! I love your skirt! Sell it to me please!!!! Heheheh.

  6. wow! ang ganda ng skirt :) congrats on your fashion depot article feature :)

  7. that's a cute skirt, Melai! looove!

    Perfumed Red Shoes

  8. your skirt was totally amazing. i love the theme. :) thanks for following. now im your followers. :)

  9. The skirt is pretty! What a good steal from a thrift store! :)

    And Congrats again for being on the radio show! I wasn't able to listen but I'm sure you really had fun. :)

  10. I adore your skirt! Thrifted? seriously? It's lovely!

  11. that skirt is so fashion forward with that printed graphic!

  12. love the print of that skirt! reminds me of japanese paintings!

  13. Ohmygawd! What an amazing skirt! My eyes grew wide when I saw it! So unexpected! Somehow reminds me of Christopher Kane!

    Ninin of thetwomissfits.com


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