Featured: Magic 89.9 Boys Night Out

8:49 PM

What I wore: Denim vest still available @ F-STOP (Fashion Stop) | Yellow dress Kamiseta | Boots Timberland
Leopard bag Thrifted | Accessories Bazaar

The girls were out that night!

Last February 28, I went to a radio show guesting with two of my best blogger friends Ava and Ana. Honey was supposed to be with us but it was so sad when at the very last minute she wasn't able to make it. I didn't bombard my blog and social networking accounts with announcements about it because I didn't want other people to perceive that I'm making a big deal out of it when honestly, in my heart, it actually is! Hahaha.

Thank you, thank you Karl Leuterio! You invited us to the Red Mango anniversary and product launch. If not for that, we wouldn't have met DJs Sam and Rick (Red Mango endorsers). I didn't really expect that they would invite us to come over to their show.

Blessing talaga yung nangyari.
I know they go online everyday and they could have just searched the list of Philippine top bloggers but instead, they chose us. So I'm grateful for the experience and exposure Magic 89.9's Boys Night Out has given us. It's a humbling moment.

I remember while waiting, the three of us were just dead nervous and it showed in the interview! Obvious na nahihiya si Ana. Meanwhile, Ava (the one with the cutest voice) kept her answers short and sweet. On the other hand, baliktad ako, my jitters totally left me talking a lot (sorry naman, hehe mic whore? hindi ah!)... and stuttered a lot (kaloka!).

We had a lot of fun simply because the trio had great sense of humor and kept us laughing the whooole time - on and off air. After the show, I got greetings from clients and surprised friends who were tuned in to the show that night.

Firsts are really special. I know I speak for Ava and Ana. Love you girls! Ang saya! Namiss namin si Honey at Aisa (sayang wala kayo *frown*)!

Here's a copy of the show for those who missed it or for those who want to listen again. Nakaka-shy man, go lang, sige lang, haha! Enjoy!

  • They assumed we get paid a lot. But we're not! Believe us! We're not on Tricia Gosingtian's level (well not yet, charos lang!). Hehe!
  • In the example I gave, like the Robinson's bloggers' event, we were given P3,000-worth of GCs and not P3,000 compensation money. Example lang yun pero lately I get hired na to blog brand advertisements.
  • I wanted to compress the things I want to say so I forgot to mention I sell thrift items in the shop too!
  • Ate Denise, I didn't mean to offend when I've said you're a bit "bloated" (I didn't mean anything, sorry, sorry talaga), huhu, si Sam kasi, may balak ata sa'yo! Haha kaya I had to make sure he knows you're married and you had your baby. I love you, you know that! And I wouldn't start blogging in the first place if it weren't for you! You're my idol :)
  • Thanks Sam YG for the segment copy!

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  1. aww this post is really sweet, melai!:) you kept the show lively nga eh! if it weren't for you, it would have been dull :)

  2. @Ava: Aaaw dear. Ay naku at naputol yung usapan nating maganda after the show kasi it was late na and time to go home! Aaaw. Miss you! :)

  3. wow! big time na kayo! nakakatawa kayo pakinggan.. very inspiring pa :D

  4. @ hazel: ngeeee. hindi naman kami bigtime. ang blog ko walang wala compared sa giant bloggers around. just enjoying blogging and its benefits :)
    thanks for appreciating us :)

  5. whoa!!!! this is amazing melai....<3 you've definitely gone a long way...and your hard work has paid off na talaga. good luck and i'm sure you've still got a long way to go!

    ps. love the yellow dress...reminds of snow white yellow...<3

    ♥ vanilla ice cream ♥

  6. that was cool! great job guys!!! <3


  7. Wow ang galing naman! Sayang I wasn't able to hear you girls live!!! Looks like a lot of fun! Mukang super nag enjoy kayo!! :)

  8. Awww, I missed this one. Well, hindi ko naman alam na special guest pala kayo ng BNO! I love the candid shots, Melai! Naka prime lens ka ba?

  9. Thanks for the greeting guys! :)

    @Kookie: Yes, 50mm lens kasi lowlight, 1.8A kaya mejo grainy. hehe :)

  10. oi ngayun ko lang nabasa to uh.

    so happy for you melai!

    haha. love it. don't worry hindi ako tampuhin. FUN!!!!

    i wish more good things through this small thing called blogging. mumwaaah!


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