Sunday Shopping

12:40 PM

Ukay online shopping is definitely one of the best ways to budget your money. F-STOP, my online shop, has been doing better as the year kicked in and I really want to pay it forward and help support fellow online entrepreneurs.

Simone's Closet, is also an online ukay store similar to F-STOP's SHOP VINTAGE section. Owned by Denise of Simone's Fashion Closet, her shop also carries some brand new items and a few sets of accessories. She recently opened her latest album collection of thrifty treasures.

So before you take a stop over at F-STOP's opening of album collection tomorrow (click hyperlink to see teaser), drop by Simone's Closet Sweet Comeback collection first! Here are some of the items waiting for you:

Blazer: P420, Maxi dress: P420

Graphic jersey top: P380

Polka skirt: P350

White button-up top: P300, Gray culottes: P400

Check out her entire album by clicking this link!

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  1. Congrats on your online shop! :)
    Might buy there before college starts :P


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