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11:25 PM

A few days before Christmas, I received a package from Karl of Inkarlcerating. When I got the gift, read the note that came along with it, I felt really happy. No words can explain. Of all the people who visit his blog, of all his visitors, of all his fans, it was a totally different and uplifting feeling to know that I'm one of the chosen five to receive his DIY shirts care of his Give Blood on Xmas Day project.

It was really unexpected. Saying that I was surprised or shocked is an understatement. I'm so touched not just because of the thought but also for the effort put into it as well.

Karl was actually a bit wary because he thinks that the top doesn't reflect "my style". If he only knew... I've been wanting his shredded tops for a long time. I've even attempted to create one but it was a major fail. I haven't worn it yet though. I was so conscious to give justice to it. I saw some awesome leggings in a bazaar one time way back last November and I'm just hoping I'll get to find that again. That would be perfect with this top! Also, I wanted to reserve the top for a nice photo shoot or event.

Thank you so much Karl! Thank you very much!

Photos courtesy of: Inkarlcerating

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  1. It's awesome, and I think you'll pull it off fantastically.

  2. niiice! :) it's great that bloggers are able to use their blogs to promote a cause. and congrats for being one of the five to receive these shirts :)

  3. nice blog :)
    follow me ;>??
    kisses from pepa
    take a look on my blog if u whant


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