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One more month and we have to say goodbye to year 2010. Gosh, I hate how time runs too fast. Anyway, it's the time of the year when aside from shopping for everything fashion related, I think about ways on how to organize and maximize my life for the upcoming next year - buying a huge calendar where I write important dates plus a planner plus a today list notepad. That's how OC I am.

Since first year college, I've been obsessed with Starbucks planner and I've worked so hard to get a free one by completing all the stickers. Meanwhile, during my third year, my sister gave me a Belle De Jour planner which I thought was very cute, very appealing to every girl who wanted to be fierce, independent and empowered; not to mention packed with features like the menstrual tracker, women-related articles, store coupons etc.

Despite the existence of these in the market, there will always be a group of people who: doesn't drink coffee, doesn't like pink or too girly stuff, doesn't like spending a lot for coffee stickers (which if totaled will cost P1,000+), think almost P600 is expensive enough or simply want a really nice but affordable planner.

I got the idea of this post when my blogger friend Ava suggested People Planner. For only P200, you'll get a lightweight, portable, simple, neat, no-frills basic planner. Its size fits a regular bag or purse and the pages are all made of imported book paper where you can plan, organize and write down notes - making life a lot easier for you by throwing out those unwanted, waste of "special" pages. It also comes in 9 designs of unique, basic, colorful patterns and illustrations to choose from. After seeing it, I knew it was the perfect planner for my boyfriend JR. I'm even tempted to buy one for myself because of its low price.

People Planner inside pages: clean and easy to the eyes.

Designs to choose from

But if you still think that your planner options are trim, maybe you would like to try a P350-witty planner which uses humor fused with functionality as its selling point. During the start of the year, my classmate/boy bud introduced me to his planner: I-was-supposed-to-get-that-"Coffeehouse Planner"-but-I-got-fat/broke-and-insomniac-on-the-10th-frappe. From the title itself, it was clearly an anti Starbucks planner but if you read the introduction, it's also an anti BDJ planner.

Take a look inside:

L-R: (1. Introduction)
Ang planner na ito ay nagkakahalaga na 2 nang tall sugar-free mocha frappe at 1 Belgian waffle with sugar-free whipped cream to go please.

(2. Disclaimer)
Sorry, ang planner na ito ay: Walang stickers. Walang coupons. Walang free ballpen na may engraved logo sa gilid. Walang bookmark na ribbon. Walang authentic leather cover. Walang discount sa spa. Walang pink. Walang perkiness. Walang kakikayan. Walang inspirational quotes. Walang tips on how to spend your summer. Pero may kalendaryo. Promise.
(Hahaha winner! I must say!)

Month of March cover caption: Sa mga bagong graduate, hayaan mo, makakahanap ka rin ng trabaho. Sa mga nagtatrabaho, quiet ka nalang kung gaano katagal. (Hahaha!)

2nd photo: November 06: (it says) Happy 32nd Birthday Jolina! (hahaha)

Formerly called Not the Planner, UP students and founders Tonet and Chinggay relaunched themselves as Witty Will Save the World Co. and has recently released another HILARIOUS planner called "Relaks, Puso Lang 'Yan, Malayo sa Bituka" Planner 2011. They are it again, and using love as inspiration, they are going cheesy, romantic yet comical all at the same time.

Cover: 6"X6" hardbound cover, springbound

First page/ Introduction: A disclaimer

Other pages that will make you smile or even laugh your hearts out:

I couldn't stop giggling after reading this profile page.

They also invented a LET GO, MOVE ON TRACKER plus wacky love coupons!

And because this is still a planner (seriously), it has a calendar and daily pages with again, amusing trivia!

SAMPLE TRIVIA: (1. above) Valentines day na! Birthday ngayon ni John Prats at Heart Evangelista na parehong sumikat bilang Yuan-Missy loveteam sa G-mik. (2. below) 1977: Ipinanganak si Donna Cruz, ang umawit ng super-danceable yet cautionary "Kapag Tumibok ang Puso" Sharamdaram!

Aren't they the greatest and ingenious planner alternatives ready to disrupt the social order? Go now and buy these featured planners for yourselves or have them wrapped as your Christmas gifts to friends and loved ones!

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  1. Hahah funny. I love the last planner! Though I'm kinda saving up for a Starbucks planner. 5 more stickers to go. Maybe next year. :(

    But where can I buy these?

  2. I need to buy a planner book too! I love reading those funny planner pages; hilarious! xoxoxoxo

  3. Haha! I loved the I-was-supposed-to-get-that-"Coffeehouse Planner"-but-I-got-fat/broke-and-insomniac-on-the-10th-frappe! Usually I get the Starbucks planners because of the fuss-free stuff, but I don't mind getting something with a lot of laughs in it. Since I hardly buy Starbucks these days (a recent development), I just might go for something like this. :))


  4. Nice to know you liked the planners! Go now go! Click the links and order yours :)

  5. This is perfect Melai! I've been buying BDJ planners for five years now pero nagsawa ako bigla kasi it's like everyone's using it. I might get the first one, then the witty one for my friend :) Thanks for sharing! :)

  6. wow this is awesome too, melai!:) i love how artsy it looks!:)

  7. oh wow love this! i think i'll get one of these instead of the starbucks planner nalang. haha! thanks for sharing melai!:)

  8. hey
    thans for the comment
    i love planners
    although i never follow the plans i do

  9. wow...Melai...I love planners I was planning to get one from starbucks but they are not having it here yet...so I might buy the same old planner from the mall which I am having right now...

    I do love planners it is simply a part of my life already...


  10. Wooaaa.I couldn't decide which to get. =)


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