On clashing prints (Port 88 Bazaar)

4:34 PM

Colorful art printed body-con skirt Thrifted | Long gray animal-printed cardigan F-STOP |
Black wedges
PRP | Chain necklace Anagon | Black studded bag w/ sequins Maison Gilfy |
Black inner | Random accessories | Gray sheer socks |

Seeing "them" in person.

Went to the Port 88 Bazaar yesterday; not to shop but to see other bloggers like Ana from Anagon and Chictopia Style Icon Aisa of Drowning Equilibriums. It was actually my first time, attending an event, for the purpose of meeting fellow style bloggers. Usually, I don't do that because I can be extremely shy when it comes to situations like that.

Seems unbelievable right? But promise I'm really shy in person. I remember back when I went to Forever 21 opening, I refrained from looking at everyone in the eye not because I'm such a snob (sorry if I may seem like one). I just don't want to feel a certain awkwardness - the feeling I get when I'm not sure if I should smile, or look away, if I should ask for a picture or not, (even though I would love to), if I should go to the person and say "Hi!" or if I should actually talk to them.

I just... don't know what to do. And not knowing what to do is something that I don't want to experience because it's just sooo uncomfortable. At times, I even feel like shrinking because I get starstruck with all these pretty bloggers that I just want to hide away. Haha.

Ana's little cute space! I'm such an Anagon suki!

With Ana and Aisa, OMG they are soooo nice. At one look, I felt the connection and ease. The odd feeling is somehow inevitable but after a few exchange of chats, we'd loosen up and sustain a good conversation. It was sooo great meeting them both.

First looked for Ana because I really wanted to buy the "love" ring. It's our monthsary the next day so my boyfriend bought me the rings that I wanted. I'm broke so I didn't really purchase anything other than that. Not even those Shoeology oxfords and Pill sandals that I badly craved. Ana shared a bit about her bazaar experience as a retailer. For her shop, the first day came out with better sales than the next one. It's funny because just when I was about to ask her for a photo, she got to say it first a couple of seconds earlier.

Aisa's also the owner of Archive Clothing!

I told Ana that I've seen Aisa earlier but I chickened out because she was busy at that time. Good thing she encouraged me to approach her, Ana has all kind words for Aisa, telling me how friendly she is. I'm sure I would have regretted it if I didn't introduce myself because Aisa was surprisingly chatty and all-out friendly. I didn't even expect her to sound cute! Gosh she's so bakla! I love it!

Before I forget, join Aisa's Big Blog Blowout! She's giving away not only cool but LOTS and LOTS of prizes!

Aaaw. Aisa's such a sweetie!

Meeting both of them was such a delight. They're both nice and very down-to-earth. When I found out they met Kookie and Lloyda beforehand, I was like "Eeek! I'm such a fan of both!" How I wish I saw them too. They had a lot of photos with other bloggers and store owners. On the other hand, I didn't have much, because I stayed only for a while.

"Love" and crocodile rings from Anagon!

My boyfriend and I had a quick dinner before heading straight home. We ate at Sizzling Pepper Steak in Glorietta 5. Food was good. I ordered a chicken caesar salad and it was delicious. For dessert, we ordered a blueberry cheesecake ice cream. Rating: 8/10 pepper steaks.

About the outfit: I was inspired to do the print on print trend again since Bestie of Capricious Club, Sybil of Animated Confessions, Kookie of Death by Platforms and Kristy of Monochromatic made a collaboration.

My long animal-print cardigan was from my supplier for my Asian Fashion section of my online shop, F-STOP. Please drop by and check out my items for sale!

INSPIRATION: Their way - Print on Print style trend by Kookie, Bestie and Kristy.

Fashion Flashback: Last April 17, 2010; I also did a mismatch print on print outfit combination. Paired my pink floral blazer with my Neon print hand-written print loose top from Black Sheep.

Fashion Flashback: My print on print version last April 17, 2010.

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  1. i love your mix of prints! love love love :)

  2. You look like you had great fun meeting them! :D You look gorgeous here too, your dress is just amazing, and goes amazingly with the cardigan! (: You look great :D



  3. It was so nice chitchatting with you!!!=) I love love love our photos. Can I grab and post on my blog? Let's meet soon tau nila Ana. I like bloggers din who are friendly. And tama I'm so bading. Hahahah! See you soon!!!:)

  4. I am soooo happy to meet you melai, youre so adorable being painfully shy like yours truly! ;p heeheehee! :D Sorry i was eating tinapay when we met, but i have to say super coolness ng outfit mo that day i love the combi! :) <3 Thanks sa pag support ng stall ko sis a!!! :) :) <3

  5. i had a same feeling when my friend invited me to a blogger meet up. but, it did very well and just like you i met plenty of good friends :) btw i wanna steal your rings :D:D:D

  6. love teh mix of the colors! the skirt is gorgeous!

  7. omg.love your skirt! nice print dear:)
    btw,i actually jealous u can meet and make friend with the other bloggers.hehe.and i same with u,shy person.

    **come on.come here Kuala Lumpur.hehe:)


  8. you and aisa look too cute! i wanna insert myself in the picture! hahaha love your skirt soo much!

  9. i'm a fan of kookie llyoda Aisa too! and of course you!! i wish i went to this bazaar! well, i wish i knew about it LOL. nice to know that you guys are all nice and friendly. i'm a bit of a shy person myself :D hope to meet you guys one day :D p.s. i love that skirt!! amazing what thrift stores can do for us! :D

  10. i love this! what a nice day to meet fashion bloggers! bet it was fun!


  11. @aisaicha: I guess that's what I'll feel everytime I meet new people. It may never change. Haha. Oh thanks! I won't let you steal them! Haha kidding :)

    @jing: Thanks dear!

    @Shatirah-Dstation: When I start working and have enough money to do so, I'll go there promise! :)

    @gillian: Thanks! This is one of my favorite pics as well.

    @Chevy: Aaaaaw really? I'm soooooo touched. I didn't expect that! Yeah hope to meet you someday too! :)

    @JL: Yes fun indeed :) Thanks! Hope to see you next time :)

  12. nice outfit dear! have you commuted on the way to port 88? I wonder how you get there wearing that stunning outfit?hehe it should have been a scene stealer!:)

  13. @ Denise: No I didn't dear. I'd die if I did. Haha. My boyfriend has a car. He picked me up and accompanied me there. That's the reason why I was able to dress up like that. :)

  14. Fab outfit Melai! and I love your rings! :)

    PS: Surprise, surprise! Basta, I'll PM you sa FB <3

    Lee [spunkandglam.blogspot.com]

  15. Ang ganda ng buong outfit mo! I dunno where to start. Haha. Pero galing ng print-on-print chuva mo. :) Pero favorite part ko sa outfit mo is yung shoes at sheer socks na suot mo! I lalalalove it! Naghihintay na lang din ako ng timing para makapag-socks at shoes! :)

  16. It's been a long time since I visited your blog...wow!!!

    love the outfit, you did a pretty good job with it...I like your blazer dear...and those rings are just so precious...lovely Smile...

    take care love

  17. do you have a ring that looks like the one on sorcerer's apprentice? hehe

    Follow me on:



  18. love your outfit! love how u mix those stuff! :D

  19. Aww, I just love reading about blogger meet ups. It's so nice to meet someone then have to skip awkward introductions. I can definitely relate to what you wrote about looking snobbish when you're actually just feeling awkward. I am like that all the time! But especially when I'm not wearing glasses. I'm scared to not recognize a person-so self-conscious! :)

    You look so darn cute in these pictures, Melai!

    B from A plus B

  20. I love that skirt of yours. It's colorful and highwaisted, two of my favorite things. :)

    xx Love & Aloha


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