Goodbye livejournal, hello blogspot?

12:17 AM

Money can’t buy happiness.

I believe so too. However, it’s innate for man to want things – material things. As much as I would like to agree with the saying, I have to admit, money indeed can afford happiness – the temporary one, that is.

Just like everyone else, I also desire for stuff. Though the pleasure they bring is short-lived, I still desire them for myself. But more than wanting to fund my own spending (while still a student and unemployed), I wish to increase my savings (for the rainy days and giving my parents a break) by turning to the web as an extra milking cow. It’s funny because most would think I’m a hundred years late on this; but yes, being new in blogging means being new in Nuffnang. Haha. I recently signed up for it thinking that maybe I could make some moolah on online ad placements.

I’m not expecting too much from it of course but I think I see a possibility. It wouldn’t hurt to try anything. It is part of being business-minded I guess. Since LJ do not support online ads unless it’s a paid account (boo!), I decided to revive my long-dead-and-in-the-grave blogspot account.

It’s time to face my fear. Blogspot homes a sea of remarkable bloggers and the thought of being in it scares me and makes me even more conscious than I am now. What I love about LJ is that it gives me a sense of privacy (which is weird, I know). Contradicting right? Blogging doesn’t make sense if I want some privacy but my livejournal blog makes me happy. I feel like I’m only half-exposed here which is what I want at the moment till I think I’m ready to fully come out.

Lately, blogging has been a very helpful tool for me to have an outlet of some sort. It’s of great importance for me to express myself as a form of therapy to get over with my life’s down and sad moments. If you look at history, Elizabeth Semmelhack believes during tough economic times, there's "a greater need for escapism.” One of her examples of this was the proliferation of elevated footwear or killer heels during the Great Depression of the 1930s, the oil crisis in the 1970s, and when the dotcom bubble burst in the 2000s. In my case, blogging has truly been a diversion after I failed on reaching a crucial milestone in my student life.

My online shop, from a mere means of making money, became an instrument for me to discover a deeper interest in fashion and style. From a mere blog as a promotional tool (for my shop), I then realized that I wanted to write; not just about fashion, but also on things that matter to me: my random (but hopefully sensible) thoughts, my mature or immature ideas about life in general, my opinions on certain issues, my enthusiasm on photography – just whatever it is that’s personal and important to me… whether I’m a bad writer or not.

Now, from my initial intention of just wanting to put ads on my blog (how lame right? haha), maybe moving or being in blogspot is a good thing too for me to get a message across to more readers; not in the name of being net famous but to just be that someone even just one person (in another part of the world) can relate to. (Haha, I'm young and still idealistic.)

With that being said, am I leaving livejournal for blogspot? Hmmm. Nah. Maybe I can keep both. And just have the same posts. Haha.

Style Soul,

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